Mother Daughter – SPANKINGSARAH

28 Apr

M/2f; time: 16 minutes

Not the title. Three warriors—Mr. and Sarah Stern, with Leia Ann Woods. He is scolding both the ‘mother’ and daughters.’ There is a table of spanking implements on a table. Mother Sarah will be spanked first, she kneels up on a chair, skirt up, white panties and nylons on display. Stern will use a black paddle.

Leia will help him paddle and joins in. She doesn’t know that adage about people who live in glass houses. It is a routine paddling, unusual just for the roles the actors play. Leia pulls down Sarah’s panties.

Stern takes up the cane. Sarah throws her panties off in petulant insolence.It is a mild caning. Looks like Ms. Woods is next.. She drops her shorts and psnties to display a clear bottom, not always the case. She kneels on the same chair for her 8 cane taps and stands for the paddle. Nice shave.

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