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Heather’s Detention – WELLSPANKED

16 Apr

F/f. Year: 2002; time: 27 minutes

A conventional  story. The set is a barren classroom, zero budget. A dour matron in scolding a brunette schoolgirl as she sits at a desk. The girl goes to a blackboard to write lines. A coatrack off to the side is decorated with spanking implements

The spanking begins, the first phase a hard OTK. The stern punishment will completely make up for the otherwise unimaginative plot. Thus our review. Kilt up, white panties down. Long and hard spanking. The teacher uses both hands.

Hands on head at the board, then she sits again, uncomfortably. Bend over her desk for a strap, she has gotten her panties back in place. They come down again. Into the diaper position on the desk, rather precarious. More strap. Puss and anus on full display. Very harsh.

The girl kneels up on a chair to await the matron, who has stepped out. The brunette moves  to bend over a chair for the caning portion. There will be six minutes of this. A rapid fire startup to warm her, then a bigger cane, a bit milder, but impressive. Quivering

Punishment Outfit – AAASPANKING

10 Apr

M/f; time: 11 minutes

Syrena and John Osborne. He is going to spank her for something. She strips naked and puts on a white gym slip, maroon pants, and knee socks. She waits, hands on head, for Osborne.

Osborne arrives with a few implements. Syrena climbs up onto a bed, and positions on hands and knees. Osborne begins handspanking. A camera can walk around the. bed, mixing face and bottom. Very pretty girl. She keeps fixing her hair.

Osborne takes her panties down. She struggles through two straps. Tears. Back to the corner.bare bottom. One of those girls with just the right equipment for this assignment.



Kami, Girl Guide – AAASPANKING

10 Apr

M/f; time: 15 minutes

John Osborne with a very young and thin Kami Robertson. She wears a British Girl Guides uniform. Osborne has a thing about these uniforms. Some very pretty girls at AAASPANKING and NORTHERNSPANKING have worn them and taken them off for him.

Osborne shows Kami a trophy she won unfairly. The camera angles help enhance the   image that Ms. Robertson is tiny. We are in the well appointed classroom. She bends over a classic vaulting horse for a paddle. Osborne pulls her pants down.

Next comes a strap. Kami’s long hair streams to the floor. And a bath brush, very sharply delivered. Kami has a marvelous bottom for such a little girl.


8 Apr

MF/f : time: 52 minutes
A six part film, and another disappointment from a producer who knows about as much about the CP industry as anyone.

1. Waiting for Pandie The girl is late; she is made to strip to bra and panties and put on a maid’s outfit for a silly spanking.

2. Christmas  Brat. Silly spanking around a Christmas tree; we still have not recovered from watching Samantha Woodley turn her bottom up at a Christmas tree at FIRMHAND.

3. Country Chores. Pandie gets the paddle and the strap on the bare for the hardest spanking on this film.

4.  Neighbor Relations. Pandie and Miss Lisa. A kitchen spanking with a spoon. Pandie wears a French outfit—beret, striped jersey, pigtails.

5.  Mr. Valentine’s Office. Pandie is spanked OTK on black pattern panties and on the bare. Next a big frat paddle, hard enough to invigorate us.

6. Motherly Direction. Miss Lisa pulls Pandie out of bed for an unmemorable spanking.




7 Apr

F/f; time: 1 hr 6 minutes

A film which must be a recycle from another producer. It features two girls very familiar to us, maybe from MOONGLOW or early distributions from CALSTAR. It is also very  British.

The scene seems to be a rooming house where girls are spanked. They might be professionals, a setting found in a few MOONGLOW plots. A brunette arrives and is shown to her room by a blonde. We did not track the dialogue carefully, but the blonde will spank the willing brunette.

The blonde has a large collection of implements on display. Panties-down handspanking, quite hard for so early in the film. After some conversation, the spanking continues.

Scene change; the brunette will be spanked again. She is wearing a gym outfit now. Shorts and panties down. A hairbrush here, again quite hard. Nice closeups. Leather paddle. Top off, naked. The brunette leans over on a chair, so low her head touches. A wood paddle, and a large fish-shaped paddle large enough to cover both cheeks.

A strap; over a couch. The brunette walks around naked— she has marvelous pointed boobs. Flat on the floor for more spanking. Frontals of fuzzy bush, an old film. Frisk position and over the bannister for more paddle.

Another scene change—the brunette is spanked for sneaking a midnight snack.

Amlther scene change—now the roles are reversed. The blonde is spanked on  the bare, handspanking, hairbrush, paddle, fish paddle, crop, and she gets the cane. Some of the same poses.


6 Apr

M/f; time: 25 minutes

Hywel Phillips and Amelia Jane Rutherford. Ariel wears a little red dress and apparently not much else. She will kneel in front of a custom made wood stock frame, multi-faceted to hold a standing victim or one kneeling.

Ariel kneels on a pad with her back to the frame. Hywel fastens her ankles through holes so that her bare feet are positioned for bastinado. He manacles and fastens her wrists together, and after a cute struggle, he gets a ball gag into her mouth. The film is taken up with Hywel tormenting her in various ways, especially those wriggling bare feet.

Hywel turns on a spotlight which illuminates her on the floor. There is no spanking or nudity here, although we don’t see any panties under the very short dress. Nonetheless, this is one of the sexiest films we’ve seen from Ms. Rutherford.






A Birched Maid – AAASPANKING

5 Apr

M/f; time: 31 minutes

One of the most erotic and artistic films we have seen from TRIPLEAAA. A thin, almost gaunt Kami Robertson will take a slow and lengthy birching from  a guy named Harold, who will also help himself to handfuls of her body in the process.

Kami wears a loose yellow smock, which you know will be coming off. Camera angles on Kami make her look pre-teen. She surely is young here. OTK spanking first, handspanking and a ruler. Not hard,  but it will last awhile. Hands on the mantel, British style. White panties; Harold rolls them down ever so slowly. Some fondling, then the strap. A small square paddle—Harold likes to brandish the implements in Kami’s face.

Off comes the smock, it is just a simple wrap. Kami is naked now. A scene change, another spanking for Kami. This time a large and traditional birch bundle. Kami kneels up on a couch. Birch on the panties,  which are back in place. The birching appears mild, but  it covers her whole bottom and she is gasping. And also quivering.   Bottom bare.  There are excellent facial shots mixed in, and some frontal flashes.

Ms. Robertson made some good films. This is our nomination for No. 1.















Unruly Behavior – SPANKEDCHEEKS

5 Apr

F/f; time: 15 minutes

Zoe Page in uniform o find ‘reform school’ set. Leia Ann Woods is a prisoner and she is not in uniform, in fact,  in not anything all. Zoe is going to spank her, showing a bit of Lesbian interest. They stand in front of the wall rack which contains all the implements.

They start off with an OTK spanking. Miss Woods is always wonderful naked, and they know that. A standard spanking. Leia will now that at the wall, hands high on the wall, and be spanked with one implement after another from the rack. She is an eyeful.





5 Apr

F/2f; time: 20 minutes

One of the STRAND affiliates. Paris and Scarlett with Sarah Stern. The skinny and waif-like girls are dressed in school smocks. Sarah sits on a couch with them and scolds. The girls are nervous.

Sarah gets a crop and a strap. She starts the girls off with silly palm slaps. There appears a cane. The blonde drops her smock and removes her gym slip top. She didn’t wear panties. The second girl also strips. Both bottoms have been spanked.

Sarah straps the girls while they stand and while they hug each other. They must be good friends—they don’t twist to avoid. Nice closeups. Mild though, Sarah is never severe. More paddling and caning, girls alternate.

Amber Pixie Wells Collection – FIRMHAND

1 Apr

We have done little to review this prolific model, who went far beyond just flashing her bottom. She is an actress. Tears are frequent in her performances. Like many sensible spanking  models, she has retired. We hope she is in a string bikini or less at some pool in the Emirates.

(C) (M/f; year: 2006; time: 6 minutes) Very young Amber in schoolgirl pinafore in front of the FIRMHAND fireplace. She bends over a couch for a strapping  The  male switches to another strap, one with a handle. And a third strap, much stiffer. Mixed facial and bottom views. Sweet tears and a closeup of a wonderfully red bottom.

(F) (M/f; time: 11 minutes) Amber looks small here. She is in an all black outfit. A guy arranges her in the frisk position at the wall. He paddles her on her slacks with the big board. Fairly hard. And, unusual for the paddle, a series of very fast and hard strokes. She buckles under the barrage. A very entertaining reaction CAM repeat.

(H) (M/f; year: 2007; time: 11 minutes) Amber is getting a hard handspanking on blue  panties on a bed. She lies flat on the bed for a strap. Panties down, excellent acting. Nice suntan around her white bottom. She has had a little fender bender.

(x) (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Titled ‘Caned by the Headmaster Pt 2’ David Pierson is the headmaster here. We can’t tell if this is a FIRMHAND distribution. A routine caning. Ms. Wells is a good enough actress that her spankings contain more facial shots. Reaction CAM. Zoom on marks. Bare bottom at the mantel.