Archive | May, 2020

Zoe Page and Michael Stamp – AAASPANKING.

31 May

M/f; time: 7 minutes

A conventional spanking short, notable for us in that we haven’t seen Zoe Page as a Bottom all that often. Our sense is, that despite her melodrama, she does not engage in severe corporal punishment. We were hoping for an exception, but not here.

Stamp has her OTK bare bottom for a handspanking and a paddle. She is mostly amused. Her bottom and thighs do become apple red. What a touch of rubbing alcohol would have done here. At the conclusion she tries to reassemble the book she tore up.

Schoolgirl Caning

28 May

F/f; time: 8 minutes

We haven’t identified the producer or the title of this film yet, but it is worth a moment. A very cute blonde was caught in the boys’ toilet and now eating candy. She strips to just panties and stands in the frisk position at the wall.

A matron uses a small paddle on her panties. The matron pulls the panties down. Very nice schoolgirl ritual. The cane comes next, panties back up, touch toes, snappy cane. Panties down again, she is fully naked on the screen.

Casting Ouch – KURTSTEVENS

20 May

M/f; time: 57 minutes

A familiar theme for KURTSTEVENS, whose films are usually serial spankings anyway. A guy and a woman sort through photos, applicants to make a spanking film. The first girl comes in. Looks like the set is a motel room. The woman gets out spanking implements, and the candidate does the shocked routine.

A standard OTK proceeds, hard enough, skirt up, panties bunched. A tiny hairbrush, panties down. You would have thought they could have tried harder to get a proper brush. Dress off, down to bra and panties, boring.

The next girl, ‘Brandi Coldwater,’ enters the motel room. She is shown the implements and her spanking begins. Dress up, red string bikini panties, the guy grabs them to hold her still. She kneels on a chair for the paddle. Next, the diaper position. She is very willing. “Do I get the part?”

The third girl, Nikki, quickly strips and puts on blue satin panties. Bend over for the paddle, quite hard, she struggles. A lot of closeups. Over a table for a paddle. The guy likes the last girl and he fires his associate.

Sierra Salem Interview -SPANKEDSWEETIES

20 May

f; time: 7 minutes

Clare Fonda interviews Sierra Salem about her spanking life. She was spanked at home, all the way through high school. Hairbrush and other things. She sits in a full screen shot, nervously twirling her hair.

It was she who contacted the video companies to perform. We are most familiar with her for her performances and production management at DALLASSPANKSHARD. Her boyfriends were encouraged to spank her, and she admits she like spanking more than sex.

Punishment of Crystal – REDBOARD

20 May

F/f; time: 23 minutes

A pretty thin ‘Carla Banks’ is called in by ‘Michelle Thoms.’ Michelle doesn’t see. To be wearing any pants. After a long discussion seated on folding chairs (no budget here), Lesbian stuff. Carla is bent over and Michelle pulls down her pants. Routine handspanking, full indie setup of garters, etc.

Long handspanking. We’re hoping for something notable here. A lot of fondling OTK for a paddle,  struck vertically, with a lot of attention to the thighs. Not easy with a paddle. Long discussion  to conclude.



Kami Robertson-John Osborne – AAASPANKING

19 May

M/f; time: 13 minutes

Another appearance from these two, in the familiar classroom. Diminutive Kami is in a tennis dress. Osborne will spank her. Handspanking first on the full white panties which are part of a tennis outfit, before Osborne pulls them down. She has bent over a low vaulting horse.

The usual cute bottom, just a bit bigger and more feminine than her size would predict, and how she got the job. She kneels up on the horse, where Osborne has to steady her as he spanks with a slipper and hairbrush.

Winchester spanking – LUDWIGROHRSTOCK

19 May

M/f; time: 7 minutes

Another short film from Ludwig. A stunning brunette willingly drops her slacks and panties and climbs onto two chairs in the Winchester position. Ludwig gives her a proper caning. Nothing unusual here except Ludwig’s attention to spanking ritual detail. And he knows bottoms.

Shoplifter – Law and Order – REALLIFESPANKINGS

18 May

M/f; time: 12 minutes

Another film in the ‘Spanked-in-Uniform series. Always well done. Models identified, different sets and scenery, and a storyline! Here, detectives arrest ‘Leandra’ shoplifting in a department store. There are all sorts of films in the CP genre and well as in broad porno categories of what can happen to a girl in the store security office.

We are at the police station here. Leandra hears the choices and will take a spanking. Her handcuffs are removed and Mr. Johnson takes her OTK. Standard stuff, overhead shots, black lace panties down. Leandra is lucky.

Lovely Brats 20 – PUNISHEDBRATS

18 May

Clips; time: 20 minutes

A film of little interest except for the appearance of Veronica Daniels, on hiatus from Colorado. Curly haired Amber Pixie Wells is getting the hairbrush from Ms. Daniels. She spanks very hard, and fast. We assume all the models know what is coming when she is cast.

Another clip, Amber is sparked with another girl.

And then, a ‘Spanking of the Week.’ David Pierson himself spanks Amber. The segment begins with an exterior of Broad St in Philadelphia.





17 May

5 clips; 44 minutes

A fanciful exercise by this producer. Maybe he has seen some of the cosplay at LUPUS. He does seem to have a good Rolodex, because some interesting players will pass through.

1, Amber Pixie Wells in princess garb, maybe Alice in Wonderland. She gets a standard OTK spanking by MissRE Susan. White panties down, tight little bottom.

2. Goldilocks is Busted. Amber is spanked in a police office by a fat detective.

3. Blogger/spanko Ricnard Windsor plays a bearded totally disguised ‘ogre,’ who is admitted by magic wand and spanks Amber.

4. Muffet and Snow. Juliet Valentino and Amber will be spanked by Veronica Daniels. So far we have seen only three appearances by her other than at REALSPANKINGS, two here at PUNISHEDBRATS. Even when Ms. Daniels is free-lancing, it can be quickly discerned she is a comparatively hard spankings. She spanked so many bottoms at RSN that she has mastered pain thresholds and can push models. She spanks fast, here with the hand and a big hairbrush.

5. Muffet and Snow get another spanking.