Osborne-Kami – AAASPANKING

5 May

M/f; time: 23 minutes

Cute little Kami Robertson enters an office and sits at a desk, mostly a classroom look.  She wears a black dress. She is distressed  to see that Osborne has laid out a cane, paddle, strap,  and bath brush. “Oh, my God.”

Osborne arrives. It seems the bank transfer she arranged was for 50,000 pds, not 5000 pds. Given how serious this is, he is going to spank her with each implement, taking off her clothes. “You may be naked, depending upon how much you have on.” “Please explain to  me why I am agreeing to this.”

Osborne sits on the desk, takes her OTK, raises her dress, and pulls down her panties. For cover he comments that her bottom is still red from the spanking she got yesterday. After this warmup, Kami bends over the desk for the strap, bath brush, and another Spencer strap. The cane comes next. Over 40 strokes are shown, surely repeats. He offers to cream her, and she is most grateful.

Such a lovely bottom in the office.  Despite the promise, Kami’s clothes do not come off. Osborne  has enough screen time to cream her bottom with salve.

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