Two Girls and a guy – NU-WEST

12 May

2F/m; time: 27 minutes

A very old film, the terrible production values, and we don’t have a title. Two gorgeous girls, one is Joanne Jameson,  have a guy strung up in the barren studio. He wears only jockey shorts. He is not in a good spot. The girls strip to bra and panties, our price of admission already.

The two girls pull the guy”s shorts down and begin to strap him, quite hard. The camera flashes to Katie, sitting off-screen watching. She must be having her boyfriend taught a lesson. As often happens in these F/m films, the camera tends to zoom in on the girls often.

The girls take turns whipping the guy, checking out his butt.We wish they’d reach around and see if he is excited, but they don’t. After a fade, Joanne switches to a crop, there are marks by now. Another fade, the jockeys are back up, Is the guy having a problem? This is probably so the girls can circle and flog him front and back without scoring.

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