Punished Call Girl – CALSTAR

14 May

F/f; time: 41 minutes

Subtitled ‘Big E #13.’ We have normally stayed away from and not reviewed films in this series, but we are locked down also, so we tried this one. Pleasant surprise.

After an exterior scene of what is probably Los Angeles, we see a woman sitting on a couch, waiting. We will see later the room has a wall rack of BDSM gear. This lady is a hired dominatrix.

Cut to a long and antiseptic hallway. A girl is looking for a room and knocks on the door in question. The matron receives her and begins the scolding—the girl’s employer is “disappointed” with her “service.” We’ve seen other films of prostitutes given an attitude adjustment.

The girl seems to know what is coming. She strips naked without objection. Lots of tattoos. The woman starts an OTK spanking, and standing. A strapping next, some of it in the diaper position. Sexy in this sterile ante room. And the wheelbarrow! Some interview!

After this initial and quite thorough spanking, the girl is taken to a bathroom. The woman is setting up enema equipment. She fills a black rubber bag and hangs it on a trolley. The naked girl steps into the tub. The hose nozzle is one of those squat, bullet-shaped models, medium size, and not so easy to insert.

The nozzle is lubed, as is the girl’s anus. The insertion is partially blocked by the woman’s hands. This cinema graphic detail has always been best done by LUPUS. The water is released, the girl bends over for more spanking.

This portion of the enema depiction is a new one on us. The woman breaks a coupling on the hose and marches the girl back into the sitting room. She has tied off the dangling portion of the hose to prevent leaking. No butt plug.

More spanking with the enema paraphernalia in place. And the cane. She is allowed to run to. The toilet. The disciplinarian calls her client to report the completed correction.

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