15 May

F/f; time: 49 minutes

A production company we have never heard of and can’t find. A surprise. We know there are a lot of Czech spanking aficionados. A woman catches two brunette schoolgirls playing some kind of gambling game. For some reason, they are going to be spanked for it. One girl is sent to get a cane.

The first brunette strips naked, very nice, up to LUPUS standards. And she has a clear bottom. The girl leans over a straight chair, where the woman ties her ankles and waist, taking some time to do it. It seems a moderate caning,  but there are faint stripes. Nice facials, good hair planning.

The caning continues in an adjusted tied position, probably to ensure access to other parts of her bottom, higher. Stripes now down her thighs, maybe too much.

The second brunette strips, a gorgeous tall farm girl type in pigtails. Same tying procedure. A lot to be excited about here. Same caning, except this girl shouts through it.

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