Casting Ouch – KURTSTEVENS

20 May

M/f; time: 57 minutes

A familiar theme for KURTSTEVENS, whose films are usually serial spankings anyway. A guy and a woman sort through photos, applicants to make a spanking film. The first girl comes in. Looks like the set is a motel room. The woman gets out spanking implements, and the candidate does the shocked routine.

A standard OTK proceeds, hard enough, skirt up, panties bunched. A tiny hairbrush, panties down. You would have thought they could have tried harder to get a proper brush. Dress off, down to bra and panties, boring.

The next girl, ‘Brandi Coldwater,’ enters the motel room. She is shown the implements and her spanking begins. Dress up, red string bikini panties, the guy grabs them to hold her still. She kneels on a chair for the paddle. Next, the diaper position. She is very willing. “Do I get the part?”

The third girl, Nikki, quickly strips and puts on blue satin panties. Bend over for the paddle, quite hard, she struggles. A lot of closeups. Over a table for a paddle. The guy likes the last girl and he fires his associate.

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