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17 May

5 clips; 44 minutes

A fanciful exercise by this producer. Maybe he has seen some of the cosplay at LUPUS. He does seem to have a good Rolodex, because some interesting players will pass through.

1, Amber Pixie Wells in princess garb, maybe Alice in Wonderland. She gets a standard OTK spanking by MissRE Susan. White panties down, tight little bottom.

2. Goldilocks is Busted. Amber is spanked in a police office by a fat detective.

3. Blogger/spanko Ricnard Windsor plays a bearded totally disguised ‘ogre,’ who is admitted by magic wand and spanks Amber.

4. Muffet and Snow. Juliet Valentino and Amber will be spanked by Veronica Daniels. So far we have seen only three appearances by her other than at REALSPANKINGS, two here at PUNISHEDBRATS. Even when Ms. Daniels is free-lancing, it can be quickly discerned she is a comparatively hard spankings. She spanked so many bottoms at RSN that she has mastered pain thresholds and can push models. She spanks fast, here with the hand and a big hairbrush.

5. Muffet and Snow get another spanking.

Painful Journey Home – UNIVERSALSPANKING

15 May

M/f; time: 16 minutes

Kiki Cali. She is working everywhere, or more probably, she stays near a hotel room and accepts assignments from a variety of producers. She sits on the very familiar bed, wearing just a sleeveless top and panties. She is getting a long scolding from the usual off-screen voice.

The faceless guy comes into the shot and the spanking begins. Kiki lies over the edge of the bed. Panties down, top rucked up, no bra. Back over the bed—#he straddles a corner to open her thighs. Big wood paddle, not hard but sexy.


15 May

F/f; time: 49 minutes

A production company we have never heard of and can’t find. A surprise. We know there are a lot of Czech spanking aficionados. A woman catches two brunette schoolgirls playing some kind of gambling game. For some reason, they are going to be spanked for it. One girl is sent to get a cane.

The first brunette strips naked, very nice, up to LUPUS standards. And she has a clear bottom. The girl leans over a straight chair, where the woman ties her ankles and waist, taking some time to do it. It seems a moderate caning,  but there are faint stripes. Nice facials, good hair planning.

The caning continues in an adjusted tied position, probably to ensure access to other parts of her bottom, higher. Stripes now down her thighs, maybe too much.

The second brunette strips, a gorgeous tall farm girl type in pigtails. Same tying procedure. A lot to be excited about here. Same caning, except this girl shouts through it.

Punished Call Girl – CALSTAR

14 May

F/f; time: 41 minutes

Subtitled ‘Big E #13.’ We have normally stayed away from and not reviewed films in this series, but we are locked down also, so we tried this one. Pleasant surprise.

After an exterior scene of what is probably Los Angeles, we see a woman sitting on a couch, waiting. We will see later the room has a wall rack of BDSM gear. This lady is a hired dominatrix.

Cut to a long and antiseptic hallway. A girl is looking for a room and knocks on the door in question. The matron receives her and begins the scolding—the girl’s employer is “disappointed” with her “service.” We’ve seen other films of prostitutes given an attitude adjustment.

The girl seems to know what is coming. She strips naked without objection. Lots of tattoos. The woman starts an OTK spanking, and standing. A strapping next, some of it in the diaper position. Sexy in this sterile ante room. And the wheelbarrow! Some interview!

After this initial and quite thorough spanking, the girl is taken to a bathroom. The woman is setting up enema equipment. She fills a black rubber bag and hangs it on a trolley. The naked girl steps into the tub. The hose nozzle is one of those squat, bullet-shaped models, medium size, and not so easy to insert.

The nozzle is lubed, as is the girl’s anus. The insertion is partially blocked by the woman’s hands. This cinema graphic detail has always been best done by LUPUS. The water is released, the girl bends over for more spanking.

This portion of the enema depiction is a new one on us. The woman breaks a coupling on the hose and marches the girl back into the sitting room. She has tied off the dangling portion of the hose to prevent leaking. No butt plug.

More spanking with the enema paraphernalia in place. And the cane. She is allowed to run to. The toilet. The disciplinarian calls her client to report the completed correction.

Take It Like a Good Girl-figging – ATPSTUDIOS.

13 May

M/f; time: 17 minutes

A girl lies naked on a bed, her panties rolled down to her thighs. A faceless male carves on a ginger root and fits it into her anus. It pops out once or twice and has to be trimmed with a knife. Very nice facials suggest she is not enjoying his adjustments.

In an alternate facial view of this action, she is very unhappy with the ginger root. This may be the best depiction on this experience we have found so far.

In the second part of the film, the very pretty model gets a strapping on her bare bottom. Same bottom views and facial segment repeat. The guy uses a Spencer strap and then a large Spencer paddle, the holes the size of half-dollars.

Two Girls and a guy – NU-WEST

12 May

2F/m; time: 27 minutes

A very old film, the terrible production values, and we don’t have a title. Two gorgeous girls, one is Joanne Jameson,  have a guy strung up in the barren studio. He wears only jockey shorts. He is not in a good spot. The girls strip to bra and panties, our price of admission already.

The two girls pull the guy”s shorts down and begin to strap him, quite hard. The camera flashes to Katie, sitting off-screen watching. She must be having her boyfriend taught a lesson. As often happens in these F/m films, the camera tends to zoom in on the girls often.

The girls take turns whipping the guy, checking out his butt.We wish they’d reach around and see if he is excited, but they don’t. After a fade, Joanne switches to a crop, there are marks by now. Another fade, the jockeys are back up, Is the guy having a problem? This is probably so the girls can circle and flog him front and back without scoring.

Kami Robertson at LAZYMAID

12 May

F/f; time: 23 minutes

A lovely little exercise from a production company we will research. We have said before that Kami Robertson plays one of the best schoolgirls we have seen. Here she is in detention with a rather dour looking matron in academic robes. Her first event will be a knickers inspection. She bends over a desk, raises her schoolgirl kilt, to display full white panties, garter belt, and nylons.

After some scolding, the matron positions herself to begin an OTK handspanking with a slipper. Routine stuff, but perfect ritual.

After this spanking, Kami stands at the wall, bottom on display. The matron returns with a cane. Kami bends over the desk again, panties down, for a dramatic and hard caning. Kami jumps and kicks at each stroke. As often happens in legitimate depictions, her near buttock takes the most abuse and will be the focus of her rubbing.

Kami Expelled and Thrashed -NORTHERNSPANKING

6 May

M/f; year: 2009; time: 12 minutes

The marvelous Kami Robertson with Paul Kennedy. Kami looks as barely legal as we have ever seen her. Two ponytails, blouse, tie, kilt, knee socks, and maryjanes. In this garb, she looks tiny. One of the best schoolgirl personas we can recall.

Kennedy holds a cane. Kami can hardly look at it. Hands on the couch, kilt up, Kami already red. Cane on her full white panties. She takes off her kilt, blouse, and tie, stripping down to just bra, panties, and socks for the moment. Cane on her panties, before she pulls them down. Sweet stuff.

Paul Kennedy-Jean Bradley -AAASPANKING

6 May

M/f; time: 28 minutes

Plucky Ms. Bradley turns up her bottom for a spanking here. And she is not early in her career. She plays a teacher receiving her annual review from headmaster Paul Kennedy. After  a long discussion and criticism, she will be spanked, like so many of her students. Kennedy must have some fun with his staff, and there must be student teachers.

Bradley stands, raises her skirt, and bends over the desk. She wears full black panties, garter belt, and nylons. Handspanking to begin, she pulls her own panties down. She bruises quickly.

After a position shift, she takes off her garter belt and stockings and puts on schoolgirl clothing. To conclude, she bends over the desk for a very sharp bare bottom caning, lest she forget what it is like for the girls she makes films with.

Osborne-Kami – AAASPANKING

5 May

M/f; time: 23 minutes

Cute little Kami Robertson enters an office and sits at a desk. She wears a black dress. She is distressed  to see that Osborne has laid out a cane, paddle, strap,  and bath brush.. “Oh, my God.”

Osborne arrives. It seems the bank transfer she arranged was for 50,000 pds, not 5000 pds. Given how serious this is, he is going to spank her with each implement, taking off her clothes. “You May be naked, depending upon how much you have on.” “Please Demi d me why I am agreeing to this.”

Osborne sits on the desk, takes her OTK, raises her dress, and pulls down her panties. For cover he comments that her bottom is still red from the spanking she got yesterday. After this warmup, Kami bends over the desk for the strap, bath brush, and another strap. The cane comes next.

Such a lovely bottom in the office Despite the promise, Kami’s clothes do not come off. Osborne  has enough screen time to cream her bottom with salve.