Archive | June, 2020


30 Jun

M/2f; time: 25 minutes

A surprisingly hard spanking from a producer where we don’t expect it. Two girls strip naked in front of a spanking trestle. Each bends over for her caning. Palms slaps and nice frontals to conclude.




26 Jun

M/f; time: 7 minutes

A deliciously sleazy little film, done in a hotel room. Subtitled ‘Our Naughtiest Movie – Spanked, Paddled, 2 Holes’ Kiki Cali is on hand, candy hair. She is immediately handspanked on a chair. There is a jeweled butt plug in place. The master uses a big paddle. Kiki has to keep her knees wide for balance. She lies over the top of the chair to complete the spanking.

Jenna Punished – SPANKINGSARAH

26 Jun

3MF/f; time: 27 minutes

Not the title. It looks like brunette maid Jenna is going to be spanked by her boss Miss Lina, and she will allow three affronted male guests to spank her also. Pretty good embarrassment and humiliation  here.

First, Jenna must strip in front of the men. Off come a maid’s uniform, bra, pantyhose, shoes, and last the thong. Each observing guy will spank her OTK. Lina has her kneel on a chair for a strap and paddle, much harder than the handspankings. Very humiliating. Lina has the guys step up for a close examination of her bottom. Will she return to work naked?


Ave Marie and Persiphone Page – WORSTBEHAVIORPRODUCTIONS

25 Jun

F/f; time: 9 minutes

Two girls will spank each other in playful fashion in what is probably a motel room set. At this draft, we don’t know which girl is which.

One girl stands upright in the middle of a big bed, spreads her legs for balance, skirt up, bend over, no panties. The other girl stands on the bed also and goes to work with a big paddle. Both girls’ stances are shaky on the mattress. One vigorous smack would topple them both. Alternate views, face and bottom.

The girls switch positions. The novelty here is the use of the bed. Clever and .precarious.


Strand Compilation

25 Jun

6f; time: 1 hr 7 minutes

six spanking episodes from STRAND files. Pauline, Ella Hughes, Kiki Vee, Susie Swafham, shell Madox, and Sarah Collins.

We we’re fascinated with the 14 minute episode with the delicious Ella Hughes. She is a call girl, hired out as a submissive. Sarah Stern has hired her. Ella already had a spanking that morning, a cute way to justify a red bottom.

Stern plays with her, face slapping, boob pinching. After a fade, the lovely, lithe, pale Ms. Hughes is bent over and ready, but Sarah decides she wants Ella naked. The clothes come off, “the knickers as well.” Ella fixes her hair for the camera. She wears just garter belt and stockings.

Sarah will use the cane. 26 very hard strokes, quite hard. Sarah forces Ellla to admit that even though she likes being dominated, this caning was tough. Ella’s nipples rise and she moans. One of the loveliest of CP models.




25 Jun


F/f; time: 36 minutes

Tall redhead Linny Lace, worth a moment of your time, gets a standard spanking at Chelsea’s spanking ranch.

She arrives at the ranch, knocks on the door, and is admitted. Her tied hair streams well down her back. After a brief chat, Chelsea takes her  OTK, skirt up, transparent panties down, Linny has a dramatic big bottom, well cared for. Handspanking and a paddle, various angles. Chelsea takes off her belt and has her kneel on a chair for a whipping.

Another session, a long one with the hairbrush. Linny attracts a lot of facials.

Naughty at Blackboard – AAASPANKING

24 Jun

F/2f; time: 13 minutes

Jean Bradley catches two overage schoolgirls writing naughty things about teachers on.a blackboard. Rather a silly premise, but let’s get on with it.

The girls wear matching blue blouses and grey culottes. Bradley will spank them both in turn, conventional OTK on the bsre. Bottoms on parade.




Osborne and Sarah Gregory – SPANKEDCALLGIRLS

24 Jun

M/f; time: 13 minutes

A.very sexy Sarah Gregory is teasing John Osborne in a bedroom. She wears a short black outfit and looks to be a working girl on the make. She has brought spanking implements. Osborne takes her OTK with a faux little struggle which would increase the excitement. Skirt up, black panties down, for a paddling and spanking. Osborne pries her buttocks apart.

Osborne and athlete – AAASPANKING

23 Jun

M/f; time: 8 minutes

John Osborne with a brunette who can actually do precarious vaulting exercises. There have been a few films where the spanking model can actually perform physical activities with discernible skill. Amelia Jane Rutherford can do ballet, Sophie Fennington has a topspin forehand, and more. But there are silly ones—Rosaleen Young can’t dance, etc.

A cute brunette wears a sports bra and pants. She assumes various positions on a vaulting horse while Osborne smacks her. Very interesting, you immediately imagine those pants coming off, because these poses are the most invasive.

The girl does in fact surrender her panties. Her diaper-like athletic poses display several pieces of vaginal jewelry and all else you need to see. She ends up lying flat for a caning. Unusual film, con


Kami and John Osborne – AAASPANKING

23 Jun

M/f; time: 10 minutes

Need a title for this one. Surely there was something between John Osborne and Kami Robertson. They made many films, and some are edgy. Kami has red hair here. She has been in his movie DVD collection and left a pile of empty clamshells.

Osborne takes her OTK. She puts up one of her patented little struggles. Jeans down, red lace panties. She is angry. Routine bare bottom spanking.