Freudian Slap – SHADOWLANE

1 Jun

M/f; time: 52 minutes

A playful performance from two CP stars, and they are not ingenues here. Clare Fonda and Butch Simms. Clare is not shy about being fully naked at this point in her career. We won’t see one of Butch’s vaunted erections, but we bet he had one.

The first story is silly,  but we don’t mind. Butch is a patient, Clare his therapist. Somehow,   Butch seeks catharsis and Clare agrees to let him spank HER. In these CP therapist sagas, the patient usually drops the pants.

After the discussion on this turnabout, the spanking begins. Clare is quickly naked. Butch is impressed. Clare tells him she is proud of her bottom. She admits “It’s OK to be a hot therapist.”  Several position changes all handspanking. They hug to conclude. Now Clare needs to see HER therapist.

In the next clip, Simms is a plumber. Now how many times have we seen a girl trade her bottom for payment with a tradesman? She wants to be billed. He wants cash. He  will spank her. Skirt up, pantyhose down, white panties down, standard stuff. Clare bends over for him to inspect at the conclusion.

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