More Girl Guides – AAASPANKING

17 Jun

M/2f; time: 12 minutes

A bored John Osborne is watching television. Two girls, one is Leia Ann Woods, who are living under his guardianship for a brief time, try to sneak out of the house. They are wearing Girl Guides uniforms and are going to a costume party. Osborne catches them and is appalled at their appearance, a nod to the use of the Girl Guide uniform in CP films. The girls admit they bought the uniforms on EBay.

The girls are going to get the “strap and hairbrush.” They girls kneel side by side on the couch. They already smell of wine. Skirts down, handspanking and the strap. Then Osborne pulls the panties down. “Oh, come on!” The hairbrush and the strap.

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