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Osborne-More Girl Guides – AAASPANKING

23 Jun

M/2f; time: 12 minutes

John Osborne continues his fascination with the Girl Guide uniform. Two uniformed girls are in the kitchen. They might be closer to den mothers. Osborne does not like what they are snacking on, which is all the provocation he needs to check their bottoms. They both wear festive print panties.

He will spank them both over the kitchen island, routine so far, but wait. The girls Remove their panties and climb onto the counter, and one kneels on all fours and the other assumes the diaper position. Pussy galore. And great bottoms.


20 Jun

F/f; time: 5 minutes

An Irish website we had not heard of. It is rather simple in layout and output, and if this short video is any indication, it should be popular, and we will keep an eye on it.

A  very pretty and frightened-looking dark blonde pulls down her panties for a matron. She bends over, drops the white panties further, and takes about 7 of the hardest cane strokes you need to see, up to Nicky Montford standards. The girl really struggles, and she is one of those models who might have been misled about how difficult this was going to be.  The caning might have been shortened.


New Head Girl – REDSTRIPE

20 Jun

F/2f; year: 1999; time: 32 minutes

A film we have found—we thought we had seen substantially all of Ivor Gold’s films. This is a conventional schoolgirl frolic, filmed at the set with the large veranda.

A new Head Girl has been appointed—we think this is the domme ‘Miss Parker,’ a very good spanker. An older student, a snitch type, catches two younger students drinking and smoking in a silly scene, but we don’t require much cleverness in the preambles. The girls are marched into the new Head Girl, who is examining the spanking implements she has been given to use. You can feel Gold behind the camera.

The girls are scolded while Parker flexes the cane. She is going to spank them in turn for the rest of the film. The brunette goes OTK first for a very hard spanking on white panties, eliciting cries. Parker takes the panties down. The girl is sent to the wall, on display. The blonde is spanked next, having watched.

With both girls standing at the wall, panties at their thighs, Parker smacks them both, and gives us a sheepish grin at the reaction she gets. Both girls bend over for the strap in turn, flinching as they anticipate the strokes. The blonde seems to have more trouble.

Parker clears the tsble for the bend-over for the cane. The brunette first—10 moderate snaps, screams, grabbing. The blonde gets a much harder caning (paid more?), 20 strokes, low camera angles, harder and faster. The snitch loves watching. In some films, she would be next. Off to class. Lovely Ivor ritual.


Kami and Osborne – Cheating – AAASPANKING

20 Jun

M/f; time: 8 minutes

Another film we can’t title. We are in the usual well appointed classroom. Kami Robertson is in perfect schoolgirl attire and again looks so small. She has been caught using her cell phone during detention.

She hangs her head in embarrassment -something she is very good at. Osborne begins slapping her palms with a meter stick. Like many models, she seems to have a tough time with this. She bends over, skirt up. She fills out a pair of white panties beautifully. Osborne pulls them down, so nice.

He will use a cane or a stick now. And he stops to get in a bit more fondling than usual. Kami returns to her detention desk to work bare bottom.


More Girl Guides – AAASPANKING

17 Jun

M/2f; time: 12 minutes

A bored John Osborne is watching television. Two girls, one is Leia Ann Woods, who are living under his guardianship for a brief time, try to sneak out of the house. They are wearing Girl Guides uniforms and are going to a costume party. Osborne catches them and is appalled at their appearance, a nod to the use of the Girl Guide uniform in CP films. The girls admit they bought the uniforms on EBay.

The girls are going to get the “strap and hairbrush.” They girls kneel side by side on the couch. They already smell of wine. Skirts down, handspanking and the strap. Then Osborne pulls the panties down. “Oh, come on!” The hairbrush and the strap.

If You Want to Keep Your Job – ENGLISHSPANKERS

16 Jun

M/f; time: 22 minutes

Most likely a STRAND production. Miss Matthews plays a maid in one of those silly uniforms, this one so short her panties show. Doesn’t even have to bend over. Her master grabs her and will spank her. We are on the familiar set. The guy takes her OTK on the couch and bunches her panties. Down with the panties. A strap.

Miss Matthews kneels up on the couch for the strap and a leather paddle. Some puss peeks in this posture. She counts out and thanks for 12 strap strokes, and then 24 from the cane, standing and bent over. Not hard,  but a lot of strokes.

Alexa Nova Interview – SPANKEDSWEETIES

16 Jun

f; time: 12 minutes

Clare Fonda interviews Alexa Nova, a porn star who claims nomination for “Most Epic Ass” on the AVN network. Clare will interview her from off screen about how she got into the spanking thing. Alexa is not a salacious as we had hoped. Nobody quite interviews the spankee like Michael Masterson does at REALSPANKING.

Alexa show us her bottom in denim shorts. She is 5’3”, was not spanked as a child, spent some sessions in drug rehab, and became an adult model at 21. A boyfriend spanked her as sex play. She admits to liking “hard core gonzo,” and has made some extreme movies with metal bondage, clothes pins, and foot torture. Alexa and Clare are going to do a mother-daughter theme. She drops her shorts. Very nice.


16 Jun


M/f; time: 10 minutes

A production company we are not familiar with, and very well  done on the simplest of themes. Dark blond Diana, lovely as you will see in a CP film, is sleeping in just panties. A guy wakes her up, she has been using her phone when she shouldn’t have.

The guy arranges her on the bed, pulls down her white lace panties and goes to work with a big strap. Wonderful bottom closeups. The guy strokes her hair as he straps. Alternate view of the spanking-facial. And a cute frontal flash.


15 Jun

M/f; time: 12 minutes

Agean, a bit paunchy here, at work in a classroom. Someone has written obscene comments about him on the blackboard. He has a thin little brunette in his grasp. He gives Rachael a conventional OTK spanking on white panties, then pulls them down.

Next comes a tawse, harder. She is reddening. Over the desk for the cane, still harder. Bruises. To the wall, rubbing. Simple performance, but a hard spanking.

Elizabeth Baxter Feels The Headmaster’s Wrath – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

10 Jun

M/f: time: 11 minutes

Agean at his most comic. He sits behind a desk, in gown and mortarboard. He calls in little brunette schoolgirl Elizabeth for a long scolding. He then sits on the desk and arranges her in an OTK position. Skirt up, white panties.

He takes her panties down, she bends over the desk for the slipper. He is pushing these strokes a bit, surely at the model’s request. Elizabeth then kneels up on a chair. A floor length mirror is nicely positioned to catch facials. She gets the paddle and the cane. Her white panties have been hung on the mirror. Nice touch. There are marks, and Elizabeth gets down and jumps around the room in pain.