Centre for Correction 2066 – MISSSULTRYBELLE

10 Jul

2F/3f; year: 2020; time: 33 minutes

This producer took a chance making this film in this year. Someone could burn them down. Opening shots of rioting, molatov cocktail throwing, looting.

We cut to a punishment room. The Authorities are going  to resort to corporal punishment to resolve some of these offenses. Given the age and gender of the protestors we have seen, the spanking matrons could be busy.

In a flat one set scene, girls will be caned over a trestle. A tall pretty blonde is first. Two matrons require her to strip naked. She is fastened over the conventional sawhorse-type spanking trestle, except that this one is bigger, more steady, and tall enough that the victim is off the ground. NU-WEST had the ideas. The carpentry came later. The girl’s wrists and ankles are fastened. The device is large enough her face can be easily seen through her legs.

A matron lays on 50 strokes with a cane. The girl counts, some strokes are shown twice. A salve treatment at the end. This punishment would meet our standards.

The second girl is a small brunette. She gets the same.

And the third girl, a very pretty brunette. She is allowed to keep her thong. Instead of the cane, she gets a very heavy strap. The three girls display their bottoms, varied marks. We’d like to think this is a series. Is there a holding cell?

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