Investigator – SPANKINGSARAH

10 Jul

F/f; time: 29 minutes

STRAND product, and long enough to attract our interest. Miss Lina plays an insurance claim investigator. She has caught Leia Ann Woods and her blond roommate perpetrating a fraud. This theme is found throughout CP films. Inquiries by police, electric inspectors, landlords, tax collectors, and other authority figures result in girls having to drop their pants at home.

Leia is lovely in white shorts and a red top. The blonde wears some sort of bustier. Miss Lina points out that some claimed stolen items are still present. She has spanking implements with her.

The girls try to bargain, what can they offer? The blonde will be spanked first. Lina helps her down with her jeans and tugs off the red panties without delay. The girl tries to cover. OTK, Lina adjusts her bare bottom for the camera. After this warmup, the blonde bends over the couch for a paddle, straps, and the cane. We didn’t see Miss Lina carry in all this gear. We remember a PAIN4FEM film where the police officers went out to their car to get what they needed.

Leia gets the same spanking in the second clip of the film. White shorts down, that tight gym trained bottom is always a treat.

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