Spankings For Two – DROPSEAT

16 Jul

M/f; year: 2002; time: 39 minutes

Ralph  Marvell, Amber Michaels, Casey Sinclair, Trick Dixon. Three couples’ scenes; except for Ralph Marvell, we are not sure who is who.

’At the Office’: A pretty blonde reports to Msrvell in an office, signs a waiver, and goes OTK, skirt up, black panties down routine spanking, except the girl likes to kick. Bend over the desk for a ruler, then the diaper position on the desk. This model’s buttocks are small enough that her entire vagina is exposed.

’At Home’: Marvell with another girl on a sitting room couch. He gives her a nice OTK spanking for staying out late. A very nice and long display at the fireplace mantel.

’In the Kitchen’: Always a great place for spanking. A sleepy girl arrives in the kitchen in just a teddy. She is sent by her husband to get dressed, but when she returns still complaining, he’ll be late for work and stay back and spank her. OTK, panties down, very hot girl. Shirt off, no bra, even hotter. Her spanking is completed naked. Then the guy has her put on a skimpy apron, which she seems to hate even more than being spanked. A naked girl in the kitchen in an apron, one of the great scenes in CP films.

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