Club Class – FIRMHAND

24 Jul

A brief series with a 2008 copyright date, with Samantha Woodley and Michaela McGowan, and Earl Grey. The girls seem to be his  employees at a club.

(A) (M/f; time: 8 minutes) Grey lectures the girls on the FIRMHAND couch on the large open room set. Samantha wears a lime green dress and Michaela a red blouse and black skirt.

After a long lecture, Samantha is taken OTK first. Standard spanking, except that the positioning on the couch wasn’t planned well enough and Grey can’t reach her bottom effectively.    Dress up, Samantha wears loose white lace panties. Grey can bunch them as he spanks. Lots of cleavage.

(B) (M/f; time: 6 minutes) Whatever this initial offense was, it is Michaela’s turn for the same spanking. There is no way to rank these world-class models’ bottoms. Suffice it to say, these two  girls are extraordinary. We wouldn’t pick. Just make more space on Mt. Rushmore. The girls are sent back to work after Michaela’s spanking. Outtakes of dialogue flubs.

(C) (M/f; time: 6 minutes) The girls report to Grey. Samantha wears a pinafore, blouse, and knee boots. Michaela in blue  print dress. Both cute. After another long discussion about their professional behavior, Michaela bends over the couch arm for a handspanking. Her mini dress comes up by itself. Grey gets the panties down. Standard.

(D)(M/f; time: 5 minutes) Samantha’s turn over the couch arm. Her offense was making out with the club security staff. Skirt up, blue panties. As she moves about, it is clear they cut out a quick frontal flash, a no-no for Ms. Woodley.

(E)(M/f; time: 8 minutes) Samantha has booked two bands for the club. Now this warrants a serious spanking. We’d send her to the storeroom, but they don’t do that at FIRMHAND. She lies flat on a leather couch for a strapping. Grey whales away on her jeans. She sits up to drop her jeans, the only efficient way to get them down. She is wearing her more characteristic tight white panties, which Grey pulls down. Who could resist?

(F)(M/f; time: 6 minutes) Samantha has been giving away free drinks. She is very cute—hair up, print blouse. She bends over the kitchen table for the strap. Then she kneels on a chair, black panties down. Lots of lovely facials and cleavage.

(G)(M/f; time: 7 minutes) An exterior scene. The graphics describe this as an ‘al fresco’ spanking. A herd of cows is immediately at hand in the shot. Very unusual, difficult to manage, and  one could easily imagine some shooting difficulties might have occurred here. It is a HERD, not just a few head.

The girls wear festive red outfits. Grey will paddle them at a big tree. No bare skin in this episode.

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