Request for Discipline – STERNTIME

24 Jul

M/f; time: 28 minutes

A naughty little affair this is, as are the other STERNTIME productions we have reviewed. This producer had a simple budget but a wicked imagination. Too bad there aren’t more films. We will look.

Brunette Cecilia reports to Mr. Lee, a professional disciplinarian. She has a four o’clock appointment. She is cute in a black dress and ponytail. Lee reads her note and advises her of the procedure. She is self-conscious and uses non-chalance to hide  her nerves.

After the brief lecture, she unzips her dress and shrugs it off. She wears a bra but no panties. She is quick to hand over her bra. Pubic fuzz suggests  this film too has some hair on it. Lee wants Cecilia’s hands on her head while he fondles her. The OTK begins on the couch, and rather hard. He will pause to put lotion on her bare bottom.

After a cut, Cecilia is on her knees giving Lee a blowjob. We thought,  if she had worked harder here, the spankings which followed would not have occurred. Back OTK, thighs spread, her bottom soars. Back on the floor for more BJ.

They hug in what suggests consummation has occurred for the both of them, but the director continues. More OTK, and then a bend-over at the couch for what will be  an impressive caning for this simple production. Legs spread, a rouser. Long shots make it clear this is a motel room. Lee adds some strap. We’re glad the BJ wasn’t enough.

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