Marked for Discipline -SPANKINGSWITCH.COM

27 Jul

F/f; time: 17 minutes

A surprisingly good film from a producer we don’t know, whose output is minimal It. Is a conventional British schoolgirl spanking, but the details are excellent. A domme takes a familiar blonde OTK, white panties down, knee socks, and fashionable strap heels. Another girl is seen listening outside, the familiar routine.

The first girl comes out and shows her friend her bottom. After a segue, it is the second girl’s turn. She is getting a huge paddle. The domme has changed into a gym outfit. She bends over a table.

In the next scene the girls have been sent to a punishment room. Written instructions are pinned up for them to comply with. The girls will be caned. The first girl pulls down her panties, bends over a tsble, and waits. Very nice anticipation and staging. The domme comes in and gives her a very thorough caning. Marks on the far cheek. Her panties are staged on an adjacent chair.

The second girl gets the same bare bottom caning. Both bottoms on display. Entries in the punishment book. No frontals, and only the briefest glimpse of the domme’s face.



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