Domestic Discipline – STONEFOX

5 Aug

AMF/3f; year: 2000; time: 1 he. 8 minutes

An old and prototypically clunky STONEFOX. A couple and their daughter and a niece have retreated to the Colorado mountains to seek the untarnished and ascetic  life. The two girls and the wife are very pretty. The husband bears some resemblance to one of the Three Stooges. Smarmy he certainly appears, he will have his fun with these pretty women in this wilderness. This is STONEFOX.

The girls sneak off for a smoke and are caught by the mother. Back into the chalet/cabin, she spanks both girls with a hairbrush. When the father returns home, the transgression is reported to him. There would appear to be a household procedure for such matters.

He will deal with the blonde first. She enters a bedroom and strips naked. The mother enters with an enema bag and hoses. The blonde seems to know what to do-she kneels on the bed, opens her knees and thighs. The father does the nozzle insertion, the mother holds the bag up for gravity.  Not the best of camera work, but hot stuff nevertheless.

After a  fade, mother and father march the girl up into the unfinished attic. She takes off her robe and is naked. They give her a nice strapping, all part of the punishment sequence.

Tne second girl, a brunette, goes through the same drill. She gets her naked enema on the bed-this better filmed, maybe because the girl’s knees are wider. Then up to the attic for the same strapping.

We assumed someone was getting excited here. The wife strips naked and she gets her enema and strapping.

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