9 Aug

M/f; year : 2004; time: 40 minutes

A rare long film from NORTHERNSPANKING, featuring a British model who only made a few films we are aware of—a few here at NORTHENSPANKING and a long series at BARSANDSTRIPES. Hannah Martin  is a willowy and expressive blonde, with a nice little trait of twitching her bottom in response to strokes. And she is one of the more brave ones.

Here Hannah plays a nurse who has been caught tampering with medications, and under interrogation, it transpires that she also has been performing as a stripper at night. This gives supervisor Paul Kennedy all the leverage he needs.

Hannah stands before him, wearing that great British nurse’s smock featured in many films,  so easy to get off. After a long scolding, he takes her OTK. She yelps nicely from the start. Smock up, print panties. She puts up a legitimate and entertaining struggle to keep him from pulling them down, but he succeeds. He makes her stand in front of him on full display.


Next will be the cane. Hannah is caned in almost all her films. The smock comes off, and the matching bra and panties soon follow. Very nice. Unabashed frontals. A naked caning, bent over. To the wall naked. We always like to imagine Office visitors at this point.

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