Training School Enema

12 Aug

F/f; time: 9 minutes

A hot little film, made without sound, and we don’t have a title. This might be an amateur film. A woman is reading ‘Enema Hotline’ when a girl in school clothes reports to her. It is a training school for girls. They quickly proceed to an OTK spanking, after a convincing little struggle.

The girl is taken to ‘Discipline Room #3,’ which is fitted out with a gurney and all sorts of enema equipment. A uniform shirt there reads ‘Gray Training School For Girls.’ Film cut (there are several). The girl is naked, on her back, her legs strung up into the spread diaper position. The woman puts Vicks VapoRub on her pussy and anus, a lot of it, way too much. We know.

The woman also coats the nozzle and inserts it. She then squeezes the hanging bag to Increase the pressure. The girl is fastened down, and she thrashes and moans, realistic distress, we thought. There is a shadow shot of her kicking, strung-up, like the execution scene in ‘Public Enemy No.1.’

Another  cut, another enema, kneeling hands and knees. A bulb is inserted. A little cloth plug with a string attached is inserted so she can scramble to the toilet. After the girl is gone, the woman strips and begins to masturbate.

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