13 Aug

F/2f; time: 45 minutes

Another surprising film from this producer. We suggested in our last review that there might remain in Progue  some enthusiastic local spanking film crew from the LUPUS days. This film may approach the severity of that era, but the staging and production techniques are different, and just fine. A few kind readers have asked the source of this video. We too cannot find the website. We have hopes though, there are good directors at work here and hopefully some unproduced scripts.

Two schoolgirls, wearing the store bought kit, report to a woman. After a short scold, they are directed downstairs to a basement room, unfinished space worthy of GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL or REALSPANKING. Open piping, bare walls, musty feel, and nothing but a table with a cane lying on it.

The first schoolgirl, a tall blonde, strips naked, slowly and passively. With some reluctance, she bends over the table. The matron adjusts her position to get her high  bottom just right, for the cane and the camera . The caning proceeds, maybe 50 strokes. Stripes and wheals develop as we watch.

An anomaly here. This ‘matron’ does not seem to be a very good caner. She strikes hard enough for sure, but as wild as you can imagine. A few strokes are inadvisably high and come on or near the coccyx, and surprisingly,  random stripes develop down her thighs, almost to her knees. The girl struggles through it. The second girl watches in horror. You can imagine.  Roving camera angles show welts.

It is the brunette’s turn. She steps forward and strips naked with the same theater.  Over the table for her 50  or so. The authenticity of this caning can be verified by the terrific beating the far buttock takes from the cane tip. Most directors find a way around this.

The naked girls are made to kneel erect, hands on head, on display. When they begin to fuss with each other, the matron orders the blonde over the table again for another vigorous dozen strokes or so. Watch for this producer.

One Response to “Secret Room -CZECHCHASTISEMENTCINEMA”

  1. George August 17, 2020 at 12:00 pm #

    Do you have any contact information for this producer. I wasn’t able to find anything in a Google search.

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