My Summer with Aunt Melissa – PUNISHEDBRATS

14 Aug

F/2f; time: 1 hr 6 minutes

Not sure this film has any affiliation with David Pierson, where much of Amber Pixie Wells’ work seems to have been done. Amber is a Top here, playing an ‘aunt’ receiving two young girls for the summer. Tina Tink and Lily Anna play ‘Anthea’ and ‘Shawn,’ respectively.

Most of the spanking seems to end on Shawn, although we’re not sure we can separate the models. First, there is a flashback of APW spanking Shawn in little girls’ clothes.

After a fade and presumably a return to the present, Shawn strips to camisole and panties for a spanking, soon bare bottom. She is taken upstairs and spanked again in her pajamas.

Another fade, Shawn in sent to get a punishment outfit. She strips and gets the cane here. Hard from Amber. Another fade, Shawn is caught smoking. Back inside, shorts down for the hairbrush.

Another fade, both girls are in bath towels. Hand smacks first, then towels off for OTK. Another scene—the girls work at a table. What are they doing? This is summer. Palm smacks the. Bend over for handspanking and the cane.

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