18 Aug

M/f; time: 1hr 54 minutes

One of the most intrusive films we have seen from the Wizard, Andre Chance. He will work Euro-Asian ‘Jade’ through many of his little torments.

Jade waits for  him in school clothing in the usual studio. After a short discussion, he takes her OTK, and unties a rather complex thong. He shows her a suppository then inserts it and it disappears.

Bra off, nipple clamps, and then he puts a straight jacket on her. It takes a bit of time and it only fits loosely, but he needs it for the procedures to follow. The first enema is simply a commercial water bottle. Then the first toilet trip.

Next comes the conventional red enema bag, but with a huge black nozzle on the hose. The suppository must have prepared her,  because the struggle is less than we expected. He has blindfolded her. He lubricates her anus with a butter stick and there are several more enemas and toilet scenes.

Jade is then positioned for a fucking machine, which she gets on her back and on her stomach. Andre gives her one more enema, from a pencil thin tube. He dribbles fluid on her buttocks first. It must be either hot or cold. She doesn’t like it. After this enema, there is a short caning. Almost two hours all told!

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