Looking for Work

18 Aug

F/f; time: 31 minutes

Not exactly a CP film, but close enough to hold our interest. A dark blonde, a sort of muted version of Amelia Jane Rutherford, is studying the want ads. She spots one and makes a phone call. An older blonde is seen answering. The film is in a language foreign to us and there are almost  no subtitles.

The girl arrives for an interview. The woman hardly looks at her (yet). There is one subtitle now—the girl is asked to undress. She slowly strips down to bra, panties, and socks, and then pauses, as we were hoping she would. There are more instructions—she must remove her little white socks and then her bra and thong.

The woman will have her perform—twirl, hands on head. A bend-over. Some simple PT exercises—jogging, knee bends, some leg spreading on a chair. The girl lies on her back, the woman slaps her pussy and photographs her with an old 35mm camera. Just what sort of job is this?

No spanking. The girl leaves naked. Don’t know where she could be going without her clothes, unless of course she is hired and starts immediately.

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