Spanking Server – positions

18 Aug

We thought we would collect and review a film or two on some of the many more unusual spanking positions this producer has used, not including the more conventional poses. Mr. Schober has one of the more developed imaginations in the business, the modern evolution of NU-WEST genius. And he is supported by a very competent engineering department.

Carina – Diaper’ (F/f; time: 3 minutes) Blond Carina climbs up onto a table-like platform laddered with slats. On her back, Peter and Helen take off her shorts and panties. Her  cuffed ankles are attached to a spreader bar. Schrober raises the bar with a remotely operated hoist, so that her bottom, thighs, and vagina are carefully positioned to be fully exposed. Hips off the table. They strap everything.

Diaper’ (F/f; time: 3 minutes) The device here is a bed-like platform with two vertical posts positioned about where a girl’s shoulders would be when she lies on it. A naked girl climbs on. Her ankles are pulled back and up and attached to the posts, into the diaper position. A bolster is put under her bottom, at the small of her back. Helen proceeds to strap this most vulnerable target,    everything available. There is a reason this tape is only 3 minutes long.

’ Chelsey at the cross’ (M/f; time: 6 minutes) This Cross forms the letter T. Chelsey is a stunning, tall brunette with pigtails, and another one of those girls for whom the spanking will be all too short. She steps up onto the platform. She drops her kimono and her panties come down. Her wrists are attached to the cross piece. She locks her knees and bends forward ever so, thrusting out her bottom. Very hot. Schober canes her, on the mild side, as he does. These gorgeous girls have other jobs.

Foxy-gurney’ (F/f; time: 4 minutes) This particular gurney is flat and on legs about 18” off the  ground. It is the shape of  a letter ‘H.’ Foxy’s legs are strapped to the long bars  and her upper body strapped to a platform constituting the other half of the device. Helen stands over her and whips down on her.

‘Head through hole’(M/f; time: 3 minutes) This is very much of a BDSM pose. A girl, Lizzy here, will bare her bottom, kneel up on a table and drop her head through a hole. This pose pulls even the most luscious bottom tight. Schober seems to love to lightly cane the anus and vagina with light vertical snaps. The screeching girl’s face can  be seen under the table. Especially interesting when the victim’s eyes dart around trying to guess what is next

Weird but inventive.

’Leia padded sawhorse’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) The device is built in the shape of a sawhorse, although wider and much more substantial. Its crossbar is fitted with a cylindrical pad, for the victim  to lie on as she assumes the long bareback riding position.

Blond Leia climbs on the horse. Her folded legs are fastened. The crossbar pad in wide enough that her thighs are completely open, exposing her anus and vagina, something this producer covets. Schrober paddles her.

Lucky-trestle’ (M/f; time: 5 minutes) The structure here about 18” off the ground, a padded platform for the girl’s body, including extension for her legs. Pillows to elevate her hips.

A svelte and very sexy Helen attaches blond Lucky, who remains fully clothed. Peter Schrober rolls up her dress and straps her with short sharp strokes.

Lola – Winchester chairs’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) Stunning blond Lola (how does SPANKINGSERVER convince these girls?) arranges two straight chairs back to back in the very British position. She then strips naked and is handcuffed by Peter. She kneels on one chair and leans over onto the other. He uses a paddle first and then will cane in a second part.

Lucia Bella – rugbeater’’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) We have written we have never understood the effectiveness of the rattan rugbeater other than its theatrical appeal. It does have a large spanking surface, but it is soft and flexible. There is no bite or crack.

Peter spanks pretty blond Lucia on her skirt, bent over. When her skirt comes up to display full white panties, her whole bottom in red underneath, so something must have happened.

‘Rack-Miela’ (M/f; time: 4 minutes) This is a tough one to describe. Miela stands in front of a tilted wooden structure, like an artist’s easel bent backward. She leans forward onto it, padded places where her body touches. Bottom now cocked. Schrober bares her bottom and gives her a brief strapping, after he has wet her bottom with a spray bottle. We have said before, these various devices are a big-budget extension of harbinger NU-WEST.

’Miela-spanked’ (M/f; time: 3 minutes) For the fun of it, we add a brief OTK spanking of this wonderful model. Yellow slip up, no panties, there are recent stripes, from the strapping above? More like from a cane. Miela gets in bed bare bottom and lies showing it. Peter picks up a cane and walks out.

’Sandra – diaper pose’ (M/f; time:3 minutes) Tiny blond Sandra lies on her back and her legs are pulled back over her head and attached lo a post, the diaper position. Her wrists are also fastened. Peter straps her, mostly thighs, panties stay on.

‘On a table’ (M/f; time: 3 minutes) A small brunette is topless and has her wrists leather-cuffed behind her and fastened together, pulled up and off her bottom by a chain attached to a dog collar. Peter Schober drops her jeans and panties and has her lie up and across a table so that her legs are straight out. He straps her bare bottom in this position.

Tryon-stocks’ (M/f; time: 2 minutes) Brunette Tryon hurries on to the set, raises her shift, and comfortably inserts her head and wrists into a shoulder-high wood pillory. Schober straps her quickly. Marks immediately. Very pretty face. Schober plays the part in peasant dress.

‘Yaseema – trestle’ (M/f. time: 4 minutes) Yeseema is a tiny Indian girl. She climbs onto a padded inverted ‘V’ trestle. Schober straps her on her skirt and then on her bunched panties. Back to the cell.

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