Athena and Helena – WIZARDOFASS

19 Aug

M/2f; time: 1 hr. 10 minutes

Two innocent looking schoolgirls prowl cautiously in the Wizard’s clinic. They know what happens here. Andre greets them, The camera pans their bodies. Nice apprehension on things to come. Andre gives them a big lollipop to lick.

He begins a little spanking activity, showing them how to smack each other with a belt and demonstrating to make the whipping harder. He gets in some frigging when the schoolgirl panties are out of the way. Mostly spanking and fondling to start.

We see the girls sweeping the studio, being required to keep their panties stretched at her knees. More spanking and frigging. The clothes start to come off.

The next section begins

the enemas. We are missing the segment and will return with it

The enema and bondage play continues. Both girls are gagged, manacled, and otherwise tied. One girl has nipple pumps fully activated. There is a long scene where both girls share a toilet, a first for us. Your seat mate would have to be a very good friend for you to share space under this stress.


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