20 Aug

3M/3f; time: 26 minutes

An odd and funny film, big cast, all older CP regulars on the Glasgow scene. It is as if they got together in the marketing office and said, “Let’s make one for us this time.” Michael Stamp, Lucy McLean, Morgan Taylor, Ellie Roberts, James Walker, John Bayer. With the exception of a few actors, we are not sure who is who and we did not despair.

The scene is a simple dinner table in what looks like the corner of a set. No tablecloth, no crystal. Reminds us of some of those kitchen spankings at NU-WEST. A couple bustles around, two couples arrive. Everyone is a generation senior to the conventional CP model. After a long discussion at the table, the men begin to spank the women. Various postures, panties up and down, all rather harmless, just interesting to see some of these senior characters get spanked.

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