Winona – Amateur

25 Aug

F/f; time: 45 minutes +

Here are several films with the same actors. The productions might be amateur, on the enema and spanking theme, and they are quite good.

The film opens with a clothed brunette tied to a bed. This is a motel production. The girl is on her back, her wrists pulled over her head. Ankles are manacled together. She is gagged and blindfolded. She wears a rather chic pink blouse and purple skirt.

A girl dressed as a nurse releases her ankles, takes off her panties, and stretches her legs into the diaper position. A very graphic bulb enema insertion, an impressive big nozzle. Her gag has disappeared so we can hear her discomfort. She thrashes.

Fade. Still in the motel bedroom. The girl is made to strip naked. She will be restrained in odd strap devices which seem impractical to us. First, a wide leather band around her boobs. Then, on the bed, a double dildo device for her pussy and anus. Insertion is easy. Gagged.

After some more writhing, the dildos are removed, there is another fade, followed by different straps and another bulb enema, smaller this time. After another fade, she has made a trip to the motel room bathroom. Back onto the bed, a huge butt plug is inserted and taped in place. Gag and blindfold again.

Back on the bed after yet another fade, all needed to adjust all the gear. The very athletic girl assumes the lotus position, her knees beside her head. Very gyno. The nurse fucks her anus with a very kind thin strap on dildo. And another bulb enema.

We found a second film of 4x minutes, same actors, same setting. The girl, who must be ‘Winona,’ is kneeling on the hotel bed. The ‘nurse’ carries over an enema bag and gives her another dose. 

After this smaller enema, a quick trip to the bsthroom. Fade; Winona is naked and tied face down on a bed. The nurse sits straddling her and spanks. Big bulb enema here, then to the bathroom.

Fade. Winona is dressed again. She is pulled into the lotus position while she is tied down in a chair. Feet tied behind her head, very impressive. Wrists tied. Gagged. The nurse pulls the gusset of her panties aside for a bulb enema. There can be no emergencies in this posture. Intimate views—the girl is positively puckered.Bathroom.

Fade. A leather straight jacket, blindfold. The nurse chloroforms the girl. We next see her strapped face down on the bed. The nurse inserts a large butt plug which has to be held in place with tape.

Fade. Maybe another motel room. Two dommes this time, all different actors. Butt plug, blindfold. 






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