3 Girls vs. the Singapore Cane – MISSSULTRYBELLE

31 Aug

F/3f; time:43 minutes

A film with a wonderful premise, only partially realized because of odd production limitations.  Some impressive canings, though.

Three girls are brought into a small room. From narration by the girls, this is a judicial caning, but we lack the institutional feel—a cellar, punishment room, warehouse, rafters, gloom,  echoes, etc. Nothing like concrete floors and stone walls, and some mold.  Bare feet on dirty floors. A young female matron will spank and cane 2 brunettes and a blonde.

The girls strip naked in this tight shot. The buxom blonde goes first and lies on the floor and props  her bare feet up against a desk for some bastinado. Her soles turn red. 14 strokes counted aloud.

A brunette is next. Hands on knees, she counts out six with the cane. Some strokes are repeated slow motion. And all are repeated from the facial view. The big blonde bends over for the same caning and the  repeats. Why are there so many film cuts? The continuity doesn’t change. Maybe bad moments. The first brunette gets 8 palm slaps, as does the blonde. That second brunette is avoiding things so far.

Now it’s time for use of what the matron calls the “A-frame,” a big easel-like device with cross-bar. Hey, the second brunette. She is bent over the crossbar and her wrists and ankles are fastened. There will be 40 strokes of the cane, counted for verification. Some repeats. Stripes ripen in closeup. The two girls are maneuvered to see her bottom. [sirens outside] The shot is not wide enough to place the girls in the background. Both cheeks take an equal beating.

The first brunette goes over the frame for her turn. She gets only 30, fair because she had the earlier session. And the blonde for her 30. She marks very quickly.

Very good film except for stone walls.





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