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Locker Thieves – AAASPANKING

28 Sep

2M2f; time: 14 minutes

Our title. Kami Robertson and another girl  sneak into a room and try keys on lockers. The set is just a room with two stacks of lockers moved in to make this story. Kami again looks barely legal in her little gym outfit.

John Osborne and another guy catch the girls fussing from locker to locker. The girls  have found and are puzzled by one leather spanking sole. The men have the girls open other lockers, where they find hairbrushes and straps.

The men will now spank the girls. They bend over in front of the lockers and are first spanked on panties and then on the bare. Then various OTK and bend-overs using handy chairs. Standard stuff. Kami gets very red. 

Loveday’s Tour of British Discipline SOUNDPUNISHMENT

28 Sep

M/f; time: 12 minutes

An often used plot in British CP movies and always an exciting one—a schoolgirl has been sent to a retired headmaster’s house for punishment. It is an off-the-premises solution to a legal problem.

A pretty blonde in full schoolgirl kit walks cautiously up to a house and studies the strange instructions given her. “Dr. I. Whacker. The school. Much thrash em on the marsh. Rutland.” She knocks on an oak door and is admitted by an unseen person. The door closes behind her, very nice theater. She is admitted to a parlor.There is Agean, in his academic gown, already holding a strap.

After a short scolding, he begins with palm slaps, on alternating hands. She is soon in tears,  and she shows some of the reflexive body moves we know she is fighting real pain. The blonde then places her hands on a low table, pleated skirt up, white panties. Two different straps on the panties, then on the bare.

The cane comes next. Agean flexes it in her face. She bends over again for the cane on her panties. Despite the excellent exterior scene opening, this is a conventional punishment.

Hot Girls Spanked – CLAREFONDA

24 Sep

F/f; time: 18 minutes

Clare Fonda with Missy. Little Missy, who at first glance would send you to the age verification files, walks around the set in a black leotard, on her cell phone.

Fonda interrupts the call and takes Missy OTK immediately. After several minutes of spanking, we watch as Missy goes to the bathroom to peel off her leotard. She returns nude— lovely body, not so juvenile after all. Another long OTK naked,  very nice. Missy returns to the bathroom to rub her red bottom, an excellent closeup. Back for more spanking. To conclude Missy lies on the bed naked and rubs. More closeups. One of our favorite Fonda products.


23 Sep

F/f; year: 2005; time: 12 minutes

Amber Pixie Wells and  Veronica. APW plays a college girl calling at her campus infirmary in answer to an ad for test subjects. Veronica sits at a desk in scrubs. There are various tests, but given Amber’s snotty and elitist tone, Veronica suggests a test involving “a swift kick in the ass.” “As long as it pays.”

Right to it. Amber goes OTK. “What are you doing?” “I’m documenting how many smacks it will take to change your attitude.” Conventional OTK, starting on Amber’s pink mini skirt and then on pink panties, and bare. Amber is sent to the corner.

Veronica gets the antique step stool PUNISHEDBRATS uses. Amber bends over for a strap, on her skirt, panties, then quickly on the bare. Not very hard. Back to the corner.

Producer David Pierson plays the doctor and finds Amber standing in the corner. “May I help you?” Turns out ‘Veronica’ was a fraud and tricked Amber. Cute idea. Would have enjoyed just a bit more medical surroundings and a few notches up in intensity.

Carter’s Judicial Strapping WELLSPANKED

22 Sep

M/f; time: xx

A simple and very erotic film for us, in the spirit of MISSMARCHMONT. ‘.Lucy Carter’ has been sentenced to corporal punishment for texting while driving. She appears on set in front of a covered table. She is asked her name and her offense. Age 24.

“You’ve been sentenced to corporal punishment.” She signs the waiver. “Go into the corner, get undressed, and hang your clothes on the coatrack.” The sullen blonde pulls off her black top and tight black skirt . She tries to pause at bra and panties, but that never works. She tries to cover.

The disciplinarian makes her stand in front of the table, hands on head, legs spread “Have you ever had corporal punishment?” “No.” Naked Lucy bends over the table for a contraband check, visual. She must lie on the table. Pillow placed under her hips. Very LUPUS in its simple way. Great reaction to the first strap stroke, the way we imagine it, and often not exploited by producers. Great bottom and facial shots mixed.

Lucy stands, hands on head, heaving tears. She dresses slowly and a bit painfully. This should be a series.

Kailee and Abi shower spanking

21 Sep

F/f; time: 6 minutes

A brief and simple exercise from two of our favorite models. They could have made this film in about its elapsed time. We have not yet identified the producer, maybe SHADOWLANE or GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL?

Kailee Robinson marches Abi Whittaker into a tight bathroom shot and into a shower stall. Abi wears just tiny shorts and a top. She strips to  bra and panties;  she can always look barely legal. The water has been turned on and Abi gets wet, except for her hair. If the  water was cold, she managed it.

Kailee brings her out and gives her a spanking, sitting on the toilet. Wet panties down. An erotic little tidbit from these two stars.


19 Sep

M/f; time: 40 minutes

Ariel Anderssen and Hywel Phillips have made an attractive film for those into feet, and shoes, and bastinado. Before the action starts, the opening scenes are lovely exteriors of Ariel walking about in one pair of tony shoes or another.

Eventually she calls at a Tutor mansion, where she meets Temptress Kate Dawson, who gives her the address of professional disciplinarian Byron Richards. Kate calls Richards. Ariel is on her way.

Hywel Phillips plays the disciplinarian and admits her. With the minimum ado, Ariel takes off her Burberry raincoat and shoes, ducks through a low English doorway and lies flat on a harvest table. Richards ties her ankles together and goes to work with a crop on her bare soles. As always, Ariel plays that the first stroke is worse than she expected.

After this first session, a week passes before Ariel returns to Richards for a second treatment. She finds a note on his door. She is to enter, and take off all her clothes while Richards watches. Kate too is watching, on her computer at her house. Ariel is now naked and just as breathtaking as ever. Richards straps her down to a spanking bench and begins cropping her soles. Ariel writhes. Kate looks virtually liquid as she watches. She should be masturbating, but RESTRAINEDELEGANCE doesn’t do this.

Another week-Ariel reports again, is soon naked, and Richards drips hot wax on her soles. There follow a succession of visits, some BDSM activity, a few very nice gags, a lot of nude posing from Ms. Phillips. When Ariel leaves the house each time, she is in bare feet and should have more trouble walking.  Kate has been watching all the visits on her computer. 

Lessons For the Teachers – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

18 Sep

M/2f: year: 2003; time: 14 minutes

Very early from this producer. A lot of text graphics. A young and thin Agean catches two teachers drinking beer in a what looks like a little alcove somewhere. It must be the school punishment room, because paddles, straps, and canes are on display.

Agean will spank the two teachers, who, despite the title, are dressed like students. Bare bottom OTK spankings, strapping, and caning. The best moment comes when the girls must bend over a tall school desk and display more than intended.

Cane Is The Best Teacher #2 – ENGLISHSPANKERS

16 Sep

M/f; time: 12 minutes

Subtitled ‘Harsh Punishment #2.’ Kami Robertson wears a little sailor suit. Her panties are gone by this time. She bends over a table for the cane. The male disciplinarian tells her he is going to keep csning her until he is satisfied. Not good news. Kami is very cute and tiny over the table.

She adjusts and lies flat on the table for more cane. Legs spread, a lot of puss.

The Joke’s On Them – SHADOWLANE

16 Sep

F/2f; year: 2012; time: 24 minutes

Eve Howard, with Sarah Gregory and Heather Green. Sarah is being spanked OTK, very cute in red skirt and white blouse. Eve gets the skirt up and white panties down. Sarah strips naked, always a treat. She bends over a desk for the paddle.

After a dissolve, Heather Green joins the scene. She also is taken OTK and the. Strips naked. Over a couch for the paddle. Nothing more.