Innocents Taken – BIZARRE

2 Sep

F/f. Time: 34 minutes

We haven’t figured out the relevance of the title, but the film certainly is bizarre. Another piano lesson. This one goes a lot further. Blue Angel and Cindy Hope are credited. Don’t know who is who. The film is subtitled ‘Piano Pounding.’

A very pretty pigtailed blonde sits a piano, doing poorly at her lesson. The female teacher her scolds, the student starts to undress. Shorts off, no panties. Bend over, top off, no bra. She sits back at the piano, naked. Nice. Looks like she expected to be naked today..

OTK, the teacher frigs her boldly. She has spanking implements. The girl is spanked around the room. The teacher sits up on the piano and the student gives her an oral job. Not your average lesson, and way beyond the imagination of ROUE.

The girl stands at the piano and the teacher closes its top on her to pin her still. The teacher undresses and puts on a strap-on dildo. The girl lubricates the black dong and then is fucked at the piano. Not so bad to come unprepared.

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