The Treatment

2 Sep

MF/f; time: 30 minutes

Some institutional spanking from a producer we have not yet identified. There is a bit of a feel of the old MISSMARCHMONT, which we intend to be very complimentary.

A auburn/brunette female prisoner is brought to a holding cell by a male guard. A female uniformed matron sits on duty at a little folding table. She delighted to see the girl, because apparently there is a procedure.

The male guard leaves and the matron enters the cell and and begins an OTK spanking. The prisoner does not resist. She is wearing institutional blue top and pants, and very standard-issue gray knickers. The matron gets to bare skin.

Into the frisk position at the wall, bending forward over her cell cot. A handspanking on the bare. The matron kneels on the floor so she can reach up and spank with two hands.

The male guard returns, maybe out for just a lunch hour, to give the female guard her time. He is not surprised to see the matron whaling away on the prisoner. He hands her a strap. The girl now strips down to just gymslip. More strapping in the frisk position, bend over for handspanking, then a very intrusive spanking in the diaper position on her cot.

Now it is the male guard’s turn. He spanks her OTK again,  while she bends over the metal cell toilet. He uses his belt. The matron returns, watches a while, then the two spank the prisoner together. Tears. Is this a routine treatment?

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