School Trip

8 Sep

MF/3 f; time: 33 minutes

A standard schoolgirl special, from a producer we can’t identify. A familiar domme counts noses of her schoolgirls going on a field trip. Two girls are seen sneaking away from the trip and frolicking in the teacher’s private quarters.

She returns and finds them. She will spank them both then and there. The girls are very Parochial in their British schoolgirl attire. She spanks them in conventional style.

Agean arrives and is displeased by what he sees. He will back up the teacher for the moment  in front of the girls and so he continues to strap them for their truancy when it is explained.

The girls are sent away and now he will spank the teacher. He can get three bottoms out of this. She gets the same spanking over the end of her own bed. The cane on her skirt, white panties, and then bare skin. She is not minding it at all. You suspect they have done this before. After all, this is her bedroom.

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