Brenda Scott: Spanked and Milked – NU-WEST

11 Sep

F/m; time: xx

Note from the start, the title is ambiguous. Brenda does the work. She has a completely naked male standing in front of her. He is a muscular young blond with flowing surfer hair popular in the 90’s and now by Major League pitchers. His big penis rests for the moment. He is a real blond. This film will be a bit more graphic for NU-WEST.

Brenda sits in the OTK position, staring at the guy. You can see she is trying to avoid looking at his jewels. She begins stroking his cock into the beginnings of an erection. She adjusts her skimpy blue slip and the OTK spanking begins. There are spanking sessions, filmed from the front and overhead, and more standing penis stroking. His erection is improving.

The handjob intensifies. The surfer finally cums for Brenda, who, along the way, couldn’t resist self-satisfied glances at the camera.

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