Rent or Red Bottom – STRICTENGLISH

13 Sep

M/f; time: 11 minutes

A producer we haven’t seen much of, not to be confused with STRICTLYENGLISH. And an entertaining theme. Another single girl in her apartment, called on by her landlord because she hasn’t paid her rent Each time we review a film with this theme, we cite ROUE ‘s ‘Dorsett Cottage,’ where the perfect English  girl trades her bottom for rent and other merchandise.

A pretty brunette sweeping her floor. At least she is tidy. The scene is a simple two-room shot, not much imagination (or budget). The girl answers the door and lets the landlord in.  The landlord has his records. The girl coughs up a few bills from her purse but it is not enough. Three minutes of discussion before the girl accepts the reality of an OTK spanking.

The well-cast pervy landlord takes her over his lap. After this warmup, the old guy convinces her to go into her bedroom. She raises her skirt and drops her panties, kneels on her bed for the slipper. How did he get her to go to the bedroom? And that is all there is. Rent credited.

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