Young Model – MOOD/GRAIAS

14 Sep

M/f; time: 20 minutes

We break our fast on this producer because we discovered a film which touched our fancy. Maximilian Lomp works at his desk and takes a call from a model with whom he has had trouble. She is desperate for money and will model again. He tells her to come over immediately. “It will be costly.”

A curly haired brunette rushes into his office and drops to her knees to give Max a blowjob. But he is having none of that. She is going to spend “an hour downstairs” with him, then maybe the blowjob. “Do I have to kneel on corn grains?” When she hears there will be more, anxiety replaces the friskiness on her face. She must do whatever he wants; if not, he will send her last video to her friends. Nice little blackmail spanking setup, a thing of ours.

Fade to the studio. Max joins her, puts her standing on a little bench and begins to undress her. He gets her little jump suit and bra off. He always likes to pinch boobs. Little black panties down. He spanks and flogs. Only eight minutes gone. She must look into the camera. Max has a little electrical shocking device. She must take five minutes of whipping in a standing pose and then more on all fours on the floor.

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