House of Correction #21 – SPANKINGSARAH

15 Sep

F/f; time: 10 minutes

Katie Didit and Jess, who has been sentenced to two weeks in the house of correction for shoplifting. The setting is the familiar kitchen. Looks like a kind of CP foster care, where the courts send girls to private contractors. Jess is sent up to her room to put away her things, then she returns. There will be an initiation. “Take your clothes off.” “What?” Bad attitude. She is going to get a spanking.

Brunette Jess removes her dress, bra, shoes, and tights. Her jet black hair flows almost to her buttocks. Didit inspects her naked body. Very nice. Didit has a small portable spanking trestle handy there in the kitchen. Handspanking begins. Long and conventional. Jess gets very red. That long hair is nicely managed to avoid interference with the view. She should stay out of the kitchen.

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