Swimming Pool

15 Sep

M/f; time: 10 minutes

An older film, which feels like a ROUE or BLUSHES production, except that the production values are better. The naughty ageplay thing is there, though. A girl swims in a small pool in the bright sun. She is topless and wears a bikini bottom. Disappointing. If you want to see some nude swimming at its best, check Kailee’s appearances at GIRLSBOARDINGSCHOOL.

The girl hears someone coming. She grabs a towel and runs off. An old geezer, with the spade shaped goatee, rubbing his hands in anticipation. He is reminiscent of one of the ‘uncles’ tormenting schoolgirls in country houses In BLUSHES. 

 Inside, the European set decor  turns very BLUSHES. The girl locks herself in her room and dries off. Down comes the wet bikini bottom. Nice.

The guy is at the door. As she dresses, she relents and lets him in, not having gotten to putting on panties yet. “You don’t want your mother to hear about this do you? I’ll give you a spanking.” He quickly takes her OTK on her bed and spends the rest of the film spanking her bare bottom. She struggles of course, and he holds her wrists.

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