Carter’s Judicial Strapping WELLSPANKED

22 Sep

M/f; time: xx

A simple and very erotic film for us, in the spirit of MISSMARCHMONT. ‘.Lucy Carter’ has been sentenced to corporal punishment for texting while driving. She appears on set in front of a covered table. She is asked her name and her offense. Age 24.

“You’ve been sentenced to corporal punishment.” She signs the waiver. “Go into the corner, get undressed, and hang your clothes on the coatrack.” The sullen blonde pulls off her black top and tight black skirt . She tries to pause at bra and panties, but that never works. She tries to cover.

The disciplinarian makes her stand in front of the table, hands on head, legs spread “Have you ever had corporal punishment?” “No.” Naked Lucy bends over the table for a contraband check, visual. She must lie on the table. Pillow placed under her hips. Very LUPUS in its simple way. Great reaction to the first strap stroke, the way we imagine it, and often not exploited by producers. Great bottom and facial shots mixed.

Lucy stands, hands on head, heaving tears. She dresses slowly and a bit painfully. This should be a series.

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