23 Sep

F/f; year: 2005; time: 12 minutes

Amber Pixie Wells and  Veronica. APW plays a college girl calling at her campus infirmary in answer to an ad for test subjects. Veronica sits at a desk in scrubs. There are various tests, but given Amber’s snotty and elitist tone, Veronica suggests a test involving “a swift kick in the ass.” “As long as it pays.”

Right to it. Amber goes OTK. “What are you doing?” “I’m documenting how many smacks it will take to change your attitude.” Conventional OTK, starting on Amber’s pink mini skirt and then on pink panties, and bare. Amber is sent to the corner.

Veronica gets the antique step stool PUNISHEDBRATS uses. Amber bends over for a strap, on her skirt, panties, then quickly on the bare. Not very hard. Back to the corner.

Producer David Pierson plays the doctor and finds Amber standing in the corner. “May I help you?” Turns out ‘Veronica’ was a fraud and tricked Amber. Cute idea. Would have enjoyed just a bit more medical surroundings and a few notches up in intensity.

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