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Baltimore Brat

29 Oct

F/f ; time: xxxx

An erotic film, too smooth to be amateur. The producer has a fiendish mind. A brunette scolds a blonde for what seems like a long time, only because we know what is going to happen. The brunette wants the girl’s pants off. OTK, black satin bikini panties.

A long handspanking produces bruises. The girl gets up and takes the rest of her clothes off. An overhead shot of the scene shows a bed loaded with spanking implements. No girl could live through this. The woman cuffs the blonde.

On the bed for a strapping, very red by now. The woman runs clear adhesive tape around her bottom and under her hips. A new one on us. Then some teasing snaps with a cane between her legs, vertically, driving the tape into the butt crack, pussy, and anus. Tape peeled away, the woman lubricates her anus and frigs it at length. The blonde undulates on the bed, all red bottom, no face, good acting. She is released and stands. The woman has hung an enema bag from the ceiling. Now this will provide gravity feed unlike any trolley. OTK, the nozzle is inserted full screen, the bottom struggles, the woman releases the water and pumps a bulb to increase the pressure. Maybe the sexiest enema ever for us.

The girl is allowed up. There is no scramble to a bathroom here. Onto the bed for the insertion of a buttplug. Paddle and straps next. Bottom surging. Very hard, bottom almost black.

After a fade, the punishment continues, but the girl’s bottom has cleared up somewhat. Where is the continuity girl? Back OTK for a bit more before she is allowed to gather her clothes and leave.

Rome The Revenge of Ultrix – ELITEPAIN

28 Oct

3M/5f; time: 66 minutes

A costume drama. At a party in Rome, Ultrix is looking for a wife and approaches Maximilian Lomp about his niece Claudia. Max has other suggestions. In another scene, one of Max’s females slaves tells him his wife is whipping her breasts and those of others on a regular basis. Seems OK with Max.

The wife Antonia overhears and she soon has the slaves in the basement for a lengthy whipping session. Four girls are naked. The first is horsed over a Roman soldier for whipping. Claudia watches and keeps the hair off the slave’s face. Antonia whips her bottom. ELITEPAIN has to use cosmetics to assist in depicting the severity they do, but this model is quivering.

A second naked slave is brought and is whipped by a soldier at cell bars, front and back, while Antonia seeks a confession. The girl collapses and is declared dead Only EP seems to seek this extreme.

Max collapses and dies of natural causes. His property will be auctioned off, including the three slaves. It turns out Antonia and Claudia are freed slaves and can’t produce the papers. So Ultrix gets the five girls, who are paraded naked for him. The stage is set.

Ultrix is in the basement cell again, with his five naked slaves. Claudia has been fastened into a device which is worth watching the film for, in itself. It is a tilted square of plywood. She sits on her knees, her ankles through holes in the board, her arms pulled behind herwith wrists through holes, and her buttocks through a hole it just in the shape to expose them. A sort of reverse pillory. Wonder if the Pilgrims thought of this but just didn’t tell us.

Ultrix directs a soldier (looks like Lomp) to whip and cane her. Her upper body rests on a box and she faces the camera. The strokes rock her in the restraints.

The next slave is spread-eagled against the bars facing us. The guard whips her front, an ELITEPAIN predilection not our thing. Why would a slave owner damage the merchandise like this? One naked slave must whip another while she faces us, held in a chock hold by a guard. The whipper gets whipped herself when she doesn’t do a good job. So it will go in this household.

Plaything – HOTBOTS

28 Oct

MF/2f ; Year: 2002; time: 47 minutes

Female to female Lesbian spanking OTK, bend-over for several straps, harder and harder. And some cane.

A man enters the scene, as always happens in uncle er plots, he is unhappy with when he sees, so he will spank the aggressive domme. He puts this girl through the same series of hand, straps, and cane. And of course, since the first girl probably deserved a spanking anyway, he finishes her off. Two post-showgirls as a bearded guy of the STRICTLYENGLISH style. Don’t bother.

Full Punishment Package – SHADOWLANE

27 Oct

F/f; time: 26 minutes

A delicious film, with Sarah Gregory and Adriana Evans. Sarah wears a white doctor’s or nurse’s outfit. She can be counted on to be very naughty when she is dressed like this. Adriana is being scolded. She’s been naughty, maybe intentionally. Sarah points to an enema trolley in the room. “Now I have something to punish you for with it.”

But first, a dramatic OTK spanking. Sarah is very good at it. Adriana gets to strip naked to complete the spanking. Now this enema. Sarah puts on latex gloves. She can’t resist a flash at the camera to see if we enjoyed her melodramatic moment. Adriana is called back. She is naked. She carries the red bag, hose, and nozzle. Sarah looks inside the bag at the water. Frankly, the bag does not look very full.

Adriana is sent to get more water. She then kneels on a large hassock. Sarah lubricates her anus and can hardly disguise the fun she is having. She inserts the nozzle, only pencil-size. Adriana is lucky—CP film supply closets have lots of bigger ones. Water flows, Adriana looks miserable. After the bag empties, Adriana allowed to waddle to the bathroom, holding the nozzle in place and taking the bag.

When Adriana returns, Sarah has positioned a spanking bench and flourishes a cane. Adriana kneels on the leather pad and takes a rather mild caning. All in all, the punishment might have been on the mild side, but the ritual was wonderful. Sarah plays ‘severe’ very well.

Lacey Bottomley Visits The Spanking cTherapist – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

23 Oct

M/f; year: 2013; time: 18 minutes

Agean and Lacey. He is a ‘spanking therapist,’ always a good story, because the patient has to take whatever comes along as if it were good for her. Brunette Lacey arrives in Agean’s office and lies on his couch. She wears a simple, little- girl dress.

After about 4 minutes of counsel, he takes her OTK on the couch and soon has the flower print panties down. Conventional spanking. She goes to the screen wall while he makes notes on his IPad, which includes a photograph of her red bottom.

Agean has her put on a little girl sailor suit for the next round of spanking. For whose benefit is this? Another bare bottom spanking to conclude.

Katie’s Teacher Interview – AAASPANKING

23 Oct

M/f; time: 16 minutes

Brunette Katie is concluding her teacher interview with John Osborne. She gets the job, but now Osborne must explain the renumeration comes with caveats, “strings attached,” and why the collection of spanking implements is displayed in front of her. This model can’t resist checking with the director when she spins what she thinks is a good line.

She slowly gets the idea she is going to have to accept a spanking. She keeps looking at someone, as if she were accompanied here. It is rather cute.

Segue. Katie is kneeling up on the table, pillows under her knees and elbows. Osborne starts spanking on her red skirt then on her pantyhose. Pantyhose down, lots of tattoos. Katie should not be a gym teacher. The soft flogger next. Handspanking, two hairbrushes. Panties down, her bottom is elevated enough for quite a view. He pats her, spanking complete. She seems to have enjoyed it. When is her quarterly performance review?

Donna. My Spanking Life – ENGLISHSPANKERS

23 Oct

M/f; time: 53 minutes

‘Donna’ and Mr. Stern. Donna will be interviewed and play out her spanking life. We learn she is 31 years old, was first spanker when she was sixteen by a guy, who didn’t get a kick out of it. She did.

The first scenario: schoolgirl. Donna is a bit disheveled as a schoolgirl. Stern bends her over a bench and begins to spank her on lacy white panties. Bare bottom full screen. Cut back to her interview and then more schoolgirl. A paddle to conclude.

After another five minutes of interview, the next scenario is: Office. A sexy employee is going to be spanked by her boss. OTK at her desk chair, hand and paddle. Not as colorful as the schoolgirl story because the camera can’t circulate.

And the last story. A lazy nurse is caught reading a nudie magazine in the waiting room when she should be working. Spanking, bend-over bsre bottom, and a spanking bench, right there in the doctor’s office!


22 Oct

M/2f; time: 17 minutes

Michael Stamp, with Jadie Reece and Dublin O’Brien. A playful romp with two girls trying to was Stsmp’s luxury car. There are lots of porn movies about goings-on around car washing, only a few about spanking. Of course there is the opportunity for wet T-shirts and wet bottoms.

Stamp ends up spanking both girls on their bare wet bottoms after a lot of fooling around. Ms O’Brien has always entertained us.

Dirty Secret – JULIAREAVES

22 Oct

3M/3f; time: 52 minutes

A German film. It would appear older guyS have the ability to blackmail three girls so they can spank them and more.

In the first episode, a guy lectures an attractive girl for almost 9 minutes before the action starts. She is a very thin light brunette, much in the style of an Abigail Whittaker, and barely legal. She seems to accept her fate and bends over the table. The guy pulls her pants down immediately and gives her a mild caning, disappointing after all this talk.

In the next episode a different guy sits at the same table with a blonde. It looks like what is going on here is tutoring. We know a stinging bottom focuses the mind, at the piano, at the books, at the barre. She is soon getting her spanking and caning. The tutor takes an opportunity to pull up her top and tweak her boobs, probably not found in the tutors’ manual.

The third episode: this same guy is seeing another girl in what might be the parlor of his house. She is soon spanked and caned and HER boobs played with. He also gives her a hard frigging. From the look on her face (we don’t understand German), she seems to know how to make this go away. She drops to her knees, he drops his pants, and she is able to give him an aggressive enough blowjob that we have a decent money shot, good for an older guy.

Caroline Grey Caned and Shamed – SOUNDPUNISHMENT

22 Oct

M/f; time: 18 minutes; year: 2009

‘Mr. Stern’ in a film release other than STRAND, and an appearance by Caroline Grey. We have only seen her with Amelia Jane Rutherford. Stern sits on a couch in a domestic setting, discussing with an off-screen voice the efficacies of caning disobedient girls’ bottoms.

Carolina Grey enters and sits with him. She is dressed as.a schoolgirl. After quite a long discussion, which suggests there isn’t going to be too much spanking in this film, Stern takes her OTK and begins on her pantyhose.The lighting is weak for some reason and the camera is too far away.

Next are some palm slaps with the cane which of course Caroline doesn’t. And here is a procedural variation we appreciate. Caroline reaches under her school pinafore and pulls down her pantyhose and panties. She leans against the fireplace hearth and Stern tucks up her skirt for the cane. A mild cane in all, but very nice facials of the attractive Ms. Grey. Some bend-overs to conclude