Punishment Past Due – SHADOWLANE

3 Oct

M/2f; year: 2002; ; time: 36 minutes

Ava Barton (Anna) Alex Dominquez, Angela Black (Belinda). Another story of girls who can’t pay their rent, and a landlord who knows a wayto barter. He has a hidden camera in their furnished Egyptian-theme apartment and hears their scheme to chisel on the security deposit. The aspiring actresses have come to Hollywood and wear their pancake house dresses. Damsels soon in distress!

Alex comes by to collect the security deposit and replace a cracked vase. When the girls can’t pay, they are easily convinced to offer up their bottoms. Anna will be spanked first. OTK, typical mild stuff from SHADOWLANE. Skirt up, panties down. Blond Belinda is next, the same spanking.

Segue. The girls have put on some lingerie. The girls lie side by side on a long hassock for a spanking and strap, on knickers then bare. Conventional. They stand, hands on the hassock, for strap, flogger, cane, etc. Simple enough.

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