Katie and Ed Lee – NU-WEST

5 Oct

F/m; time: 5 minutes

A delicious little fragment someone has excerpted. We have reviewed close to a thousand NU-WEST films but so far cannot identify this piece. An older Katie wears only a bustier and no panties. She is spanking Ed Lee on the faux prison set. He is naked, and in his grey ponytail period.

Katie rocks him with a series of OTK hairbrush spankings, very hard, and necessarily short. As they move around the set, we get intimate shots of Katie, bottom and front, NU-WEST’s way of appealing to all customers with these F/m stories. We don’t see Lee’s butt during much of this session, which gave them the opportunity to fake.

One Response to “Katie and Ed Lee – NU-WEST”

  1. lustfer March 26, 2021 at 7:36 am #

    is there a link for this film?

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