Punishing Police Woman – SPANKINGSARAH

6 Oct

F/2f; time: 50 minutes (4 parts)

An always entertaining premise: a policewoman will exercise her privilege to punish offenders off the books. Lots of girls have taken whuppings in their parlors rather than a trip downtown. Although however, we do like the concrete walls of police department basements.

Sarah Stern plays the policewoman. Lola (Lola Reay) and Lucy (Lucy Lauren) will be caned for drunk driving. They are in their robes, because they are going to be punished naked.

The girls drop their robes and walk naked into the room where the caning will be done, just a simple domestic set. Brunette Lola goes first and bends over a handy trestle. She takes 12 hard and slow strokes from Sarah and marks up significantly, real cane wheals, unusual from STRAND. Lucy gets the same caning, but she develops only stripes in comparison. Girls mark differently.

The naked girls stand and examine each other’s marked bottoms. A nice nudie interlude, front and closeup bottom shots. Lola is called in for a second round, fierce, slow, a lot of closeup rubbing. Lucy is called in next for her second dose.

The film ends with a slow creaming and examination of the two perfect marked up bottoms in closeup. Very erotic.

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