Whipping Post – NU-WEST

6 Oct

3F/m; time: xx

An interesting rip from somewhere. This is our title. A totally naked guy is strung up to whipping post planted in the sand in what is probably California scrub desert. He even has bare feet. Nice stressful position. He is really stretched and appears nicely helpless. Three girls, topless and wearing jodhpurs and boots, will take turns flogging him, from his shoulders to his knees.

The exterior camera shot is washed out to the point we are not sure who the girls are. One might be Jodi Cline. The girls pose so that all three sets of boobs and covered bottoms are on display as the whippings proceeds. Very NU-WEST. The guy’s penis flaps around as he writhes under the flogger. And maybe he does goes a bit aroused. We hope someone helped him out at the end. He was a good sport.

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