Punishment, Enema, and Butt Plug – SHADOWLANE

11 Oct

F/f; time: 38 minutes

SHADOWLANE erotically combines several of its fetishes, an our favorites too. Blond Violet reports to her therapist and is told today’s treatment will be a combination of things. That it will. The girl seems to be in pajamas. Maybe she is institutionalized and this is a daily. Fun to contemplate. The model cannot keep from smiling at the dialogue, or maybe she knows what’s coming.

The session begins with an OTK spanking, quickly bare bottom. She stands and strips naked. From a table, she gets a naughty little device we haven’t seen before.Back OTK. The therapist inserts a small plastic plunger in her anus and lubricates her. Terrific. Violet gets up again and fetches a knobbed butt plug, maybe 6” long. They both have a lot of fun working it in, knob by knob. More spanking.

Enema time. The therapist sets up, pillows in place, rubber gloves, etc. Naked Violet quivers in anticipation. OTK again, the therapist inserts a nozzle attached to a baby bottle-sized container and squeezes it in. Some kind of enema prep. Violet is allowed to leave for the toilet. When she returns, the red rubber bag is waiting on a trolley.

Violet kneels on a padded bench, her anus is lubricated again with the plunger, and the therapist slaps her pussy with a spoon sized paddle. She loves it. The enema tube is inserted, the mid-size black bullet nozzle. One of the best enema scenes we have seen.

After a dissolve, the therapist will now cane Violet, using a double tongue rattan. Violet kneels on a spanking bench and seems to love the caning. She is allowed to dress and leave. Wonderful naughty imaginative work.

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