Punishment Book – SHADOWLANE

15 Oct

M/f; time: 43 minutes

Lizzy Madison and David Pearl. An informal domestic set. David scolds Lizzy a long time before he will spank her in a lengthy OTK bare bottom scene. Apparently this is the way discipline is maintained, because Lizzy has to make entries in a book. They hug. Lizzy’s panties are still down and her bottom is shiny red. What an opportunity.

Dissolve to another offense and another domestic punishment. Same OTK spanking. They keep her skirt and panties in place for a while to disguise what is probably a red bottom from a previous scene. Hairbrush also this time. Another entry in the book.

Another spanking scene. This one ends up with Lizzy over a couch for the strap. We could have used a blowjob scene here, but SHADOWLANE did that only rarely.

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