Housewife’s Dilemma – NU-WEST

16 Oct

MF/2f; time: 29 minutes

A very old, washed-out film. These are getting very rare for us to find. Another film which predates the appearance of the regular NU-WEST cast. A girl narrates: she still must spank her 18 year old niece ‘Kelly’ , and if it isn’t effective, she gets spanked herself. That will motivate you.

The aunt talks with her husband. Kelly is out late. ‘Greg’ demands ‘Margaret’ get the hairbrush. “Oh, for God’s sake, I’m a grown woman.” But she goes and brings the brush. The scene is a cheesy living room setup. Margaret must take off her skirt, which she tosses off in anger. Greg takes her OTK on the couch and he spanks quite hard with the brush on her pantyhose.

Kelly comes home and reports to Greg. She is a skinny dark blonde, dressed as a schoolgirl. As we have described before, these models are conventional-looking people, before the budget will permit the arrival of Lee’s statuesque bodies. Greg takes Kelly OTK and is shocked to see she is wearing racy black string panties. Kelly wasn’t expecting this spanking, or was she?

After this spanking, she must put on conventional panties, which happens off-screen for some reason. Another OTK session, Full white panties now, which come down. This model might not be the glamorous type, but she competes well in the bottom department.

After this long spanking, Greg decides that Margaret needs some reaffirmation of her duties. He paddles her standing at the couch. Hard enough, with a big fraternity paddle. The quality of the film is such that you can’t tell if her bottom is bare or in pantyhose. For good measure and domestic tranquillity, and probably a bit of revenge, Margaret gives the same paddling to Kelly. For an old film, there is quite a lot of effective spanking here.

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